Finding Your Perfect Match


Used demos are now on sale for 40% off! Skis are available unmounted or with Marker Griffon demo bindings.

For April Fools Day, we launched our fictional new swipe-based dating app: TNDR Alpine. We simply loved seeing everyone’s reactions to the post. 

But since we’re never ones to stray from taking a joke too far, we’re introducing a real opportunity to meet your match. This season’s demo skis have spent their winter flirting with potential ski partners, but they’re holding out for that perfect special someone to sweep them off their feet.

Could it be you?

171cm, Camber.

About Me: My friends say I’m a wild child but I say they haven’t lived!

Looking For: A special friend who I can play with on the highest mountains, who isn’t afraid to expose themselves to the forces of nature!

178cm, Camber.

About Me: “Even though my demeanor screams perfectionist, I’m very well balanced and intentioned.”

Looking For: ”You don’t need to understand my molecular biology to love me!” 

185cm, Camber.

About Me: “I love to tread lightly and I always charge hard.”

Looking For: "Someone who is willing to go the distance for me in any condition.”

192cm, Camber.

About Me: “I'm eco-conscious. Some would even say I’m algae-infatuated!”

Looking For: “Looking for a tall, strong partner to take me on big adventures.”

171cm, Reverse Camber.

About Me: “I’m fast, nimble and love getting off the beaten path!”

Looking For: "An adventurous type that isn't afraid of getting after it."

178cm, Reverse Camber.

About Me: “I’m quick-witted, quick-turning, and easy to get along with.”

Looking For: “I’m looking for a connoisseur of adrenaline who enjoys long, romantic walks in the woods.”

 185cm, Reverse Camber.

About Me: "When I'm not out sharing my good looks with the world, I'm busy toning my core and waxing my bases."

Looking For: "I want someone who is willing to take the long approach, but is ready for commitment when things get steep and serious."

192cm, Reverse Camber.

About Me: “I'm selective, but when I commit, I'm 100%.”

Looking For: "Not a wimp. I can't stand it when my dates just want to turn left and turn right... let's go straight for once!"

All Demo Skis Listed are Available at 40% Off!