Introducing Ski Kits

What kind of skier are you? The skin track slayer that never seems to get out of breath? The slackcountry stash finder?

We’ve got you covered. Since the beginning, we've made it our goal to introduce the most seamless setups for backcountry mobility. Our new ski kits are the next step to that end.

WNDR Kits - The Light and Fast

You’re no stranger to hours spent grinding up a skin track. Your buddies always wonder how you never seem out of breath. Whether your objective is just over the next ridge, or it’s the peak in the distance, you’re going to get there. 

This is the package for those that emphasize minimalism and treading light. While it’s a little bit less sendy than its burlier counterpart, the Savage, the Light and Fast makes sure that long approaches and high peaks will always be within reach.

To keep weight low, we paired the Intention 110 with the ultra-slim, 245 gram Marker Alpinist tech binding. The package would not be complete without a curated collection of backcountry necessities - our own Sight adjustable carbon poles, a Dakine Poacher 22 L touring pack, Black Diamond Glidelite skins precut to your personal ski length, a Tread Light Charge Hard ski strap, and a super breathable, quick drying WNDR Tour 5-panel cap. 

WNDR Kits - The Savage

You’re after big lines, and you’re going to get to them, whether by skinning or bootpacking. Don’t let your gear be the limiting factor. 

This kit was built for big days in bigger terrain. More substantial than the Light and Fast, this is an empowering toolbox for ascending intimidating terrain under your own power and conquering your perfect line with poise and confidence. 

We got right to the point with this one. The Marker Kingpin is a proven, hard-charging tech binding that provides supreme control via an alpine-style heel, making it the obvious choice to pair up with the Intention 110. Just as we did with its slimmer sibling, we included the Sight poles, precut Black Diamond Glidelite skins, a Tread Light Charge Hard ski strap, and the WNDR Tour cap. On top of that, we added the larger volume, Dakine Poacher 32 L touring pack and the light, but capable Black Diamond Neve Pro crampons.

WNDR Kits - The Side Stepper

Lucky you. You ride lifts to places with ample backcountry access. No skins or tech bindings required. Cliffs, chutes, and high speed tree runs are all part of your perfect day. Bridger Bowl, Alta, Jackson Hole, and Squaw Valley - we’re looking at you. 

This is a package that is perfectly happy at any resort with big terrain, but paired with some appropriate avy equipment, can deliver some serious fun outside the resort boundary. 

 For the Sidestepper, we’ve combined the Intention 110 with the hard-charging, super dependable Marker Griffon ID 13 binding. We’ve included our adjustable Sight carbon poles, a Dakine x WNDR Poacher 22 L touring pack, and a Tread Light Charge Hard ski strap to keep things neat. When it’s time for après, don the Street 5-panel cap and wear the snowy owl with pride.

The kit for those diehards that rally to the hill after work during rush hour to slay the resort bell to bell Saturday and Sunday week after week.  

This is our more slimmed down, resort-friendly package, guaranteed to deliver a playful, yet stable ride and back down to the bottom of the lift for another lap. We paired the Intention 110 up with the freeride oriented Marker Squire ID 11 bindings, the Sight poles, Tread Light Charge Hard ski strap, and the OG black beanie to keep up your stealthy cover. 

Extra Perks

All kits are available with a ski in the size and camber configuration of your choice. Everything is delivered in a complimentary WNDR Alpine x Dakine ski travel bag to serve you in between missions for years to come. Shipping is free to anywhere in the US or Canada, bindings are custom mounted precisely to your specified Boot Sole Length (BSL) and skins trimmed to fit your skis.

The mountains just got that much closer.

NOTE: Kits do not include safety gear for backcountry skiing. It is your responsibility to carry a beacon, shovel, probe, and additional safety equipment any time you recreate outside of a resort. We recommend taking an avalanche course and becoming an expert in using this equipment before you set foot in the backcountry.