Mammut Barryvox S Avalanche Transceiver

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One of the most crucial pieces of safety equipment in the backcountry is the avalanche transceiver.  And, Swiss-made Mammut has two of the best offerings on the market with the Barryvox and Barryvox S models.  With an effective range up to 70 meters, you can cover a lot of ground accurately and efficiently.  The 3-way antenna ensures pinpoint precision when in search mode. 

Additional benefits (see below) of the S model make the added cost worth it while keeping ease of use simple and straightforward.  So, it's not necessarily meant just for guides, as everyday backcountry skiers can benefit from the additional features as well.


  • Effective digital search strip width: 70 meters
  • Digital receiving range: 70 meters
  • Circular receiving field: almost identical receiving range for X and Y antennas
  • Display: display with background lighting, very easy to read even when wearing polarized glasses
  • Acoustic search guidance: allows the rescuer to visually search the avalanche field
  • Reverse direction function to avoid 180-degree search errors
  • Group test with clear instructions
  • Visual interface: shows distance, direction and number of buried subjects
  • Design: ergonomic, impact-proof and break-proof. Can be operated while wearing gloves
  • Device tests: automatic self-test and function test
  • Multiple buried subjects: digital signal processing in the event of several buried subjects
  • Automatic switching from send to search (Auto Revert): if a rescuer does not move for 4 minutes, we assume a secondary avalanche and the device switches to SEND mode (motion-sensor controlled)
  • Attachment: includes highly functional Barryvox carrying system
  • W-Link: Additional communication channel for improved search performance
  • Manage the device fleet via W-Link
  • Updatable software
  • Operating temperature: -13° to +113° Fahrenheit

Additional Benefits of the S model include the following:

  • larger 2.2" screen making it easier to see and read, even in difficult lighting conditions
  • Dynamic screen icons cue the user through a search, helping to keep the search moving and hopefully preventing moments of indecision.  A "dynamic screen icon" is one that MOVES or changes through the search to indicate what you should be doing--an example would be the searcher icon shown at the bottom of the screen:  running during the signal search, slowing down through the coarse search, and finally crawling during the pinpointing phase.  
  • Smart Search operates in the background and allows for efficient, follow-the-arrow guidance through both the coarse search and the fine search, ending at a specific probe-location, in a manner that is forgiving of imperfect searching technique such as a sloppy grid search, changing the height of the beacon from the snow or turning the beacon.  
  • Auto Guidance also operates in the background and allows the transceiver to continue providing uninterrupted search direction even during signal-overlaps encountered during multiple burial searches.  This feature virtually eliminates the "stop stand still" message that the Pulse and Element used to indicate signal overlap, allowing you to continue following the curved field line without stopping or being sent off-course because of the overlap.
  • The Barryvox S can utilize Lithium batteries or alkaline batteries.  Lithium batteries last longer, are lighter, and if they fail don't damage your beacon from acid corrosion.  Make sure to read the REFERENCE MANUAL for critical information on the battery life indicator function, but this is a very big advantage for many users.

Barryvox S also allows the user to activate the PRO SEARCH menu option.  Anyone who will practice alternate search strategies such as Micro Strips or 3-circle will benefit from utilizing the Pro Search option to access the Alternate Search Mode, which is optimized specifically for these difficult situations.  Activating this single setting allows the Barryvox S to positively identify signal-overlap or other difficulties encountered during multiple-burial searches, so the searcher has a definitive indication of when an alternate search strategy such as micro-strips, 3-circle or micro-box is required, and to solve this by going into the Alternate Search Mode.  

Don't get caught in the backcountry without this piece of equipment, and, even more importantly, the proper knowledge of how to use it.