BelleAire - 2024 Factory Blems
BelleAire - 2024 Factory Blems
BelleAire - 2024 Factory Blems

BelleAire - 2024 Factory Blems

Stable | Dependable | Predictable

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“The BelleAire offers a rare on-snow personality, with exceptional edge hold and very respectable stability when on edge. It excels in powder but still handles chop and variable snow quite well, in large part due to its notably damp/non-chattery construction.” - Blister

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Blems are largely due to cosmetic imperfections or subtle shaping processes which we evolved out of and thus downgraded prior versions to spotlight improvements. There is nothing wrong with the integrity of these boards and we back the warranty on these just as we would production grade snowboards. All current year blems are listed at a 10% discount below retail price based on the issue. 

Explanations and/or photos of specific blemishes are available upon request.  For any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach us via email to, live chat (left side of any page on the website) or by phone at 801.415.1815. 

The newly updated BelleAire is here to satisfy your love for downhill dominance. Inspired by its split sibling in shape, this board is for those seeking a different high. Whether you’re tackling your favorite side hits, fresh groomers, or holstering the board to your back on the deepest of days, the BelleAire’s purpose-built biomaterials increase damping and stability while keeping the weight low and the froth tanks full. A mid-wide waist, medium side cut, and directional camber allow this board to arc big turns with confidence, while maintaining effortless floatation and edge hold at any speed.

  • Lengths: 148, 152, 156, 159, 164 cm
  • Radius: 7.8 m @ 156 cm
  • Weight: 3000 g @ 156 cm
  • Flex: Stiffer nose and tail to reduce tip and tail chatter with a medium flex between stance for energy transfer edge to edge
  • Profile: 5mm Directional Camber with Slight early rise in nose
  • Core Layout: Algal Core - Vertically laminated, domestically sourced aspen with 4 algal polyurethane foam stringers, tip to tail
  • Sidewall: Algal Wall - Seamless semi cap Algal PU sidewall. Designed to increase damping and stability
  • Artist: Cody Comrie
  • Designed, developed, tested and assembled in Salt Lake City, Utah

2023 WNDR BelleAire

Life is Belle!

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