WNDR ALPINE Dealer Demo Program


  • No inventory
  • No sales rep
  • No distributor
  • Free shipping
  • No trade shows
  • No bookings or deadlines
  • You don't compete on price
  • You are one of only a few locations skiers can demo WNDR Alpine skis
  • If skiers want to buy... they pay you, then you order from us


QUALIFY: If you're a ski shop that carries a ski demo fleet, you can order WNDR demos directly from our website. To receive a discount, a minimum of 3 pairs of WNDR Alpine Intention 110s are required for demo. Marker Griffon 13 or Kingpin 13 demo bindings are available as well, if needed. 

TRY: Skiers rent/demo our skis from you just like they would from other brands, for touring or alpine.

BUY: Once the skier is ready for their own pair or even better their complete ski, binding, skins and pole package, log onto the site and upon checkout use your dealer code to order.

    • FREE shipping (US & Canada ONLY)
    • Guaranteed margin
    • NO financial investment
    • NO inventory risk, supply is provided on demand
    • We promote your shop as an authorized WNDR Alpine demo dealer
      To get started, just fill out the info below. We’ll review your application and, if you qualify, we’ll send you a code right away to get started.