The parliament is heading to an evo near you to ROOST!

2022 evo Roost

The evo Roost series is in direct collaboration with’s physical locations in Denver, Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City. 

Pep Fujas, Matt Sterbenz, and local professional guides will lead you on an exclusive, two-day ski touring event in the backcountry adjacent to each evo location. We will provide education, tips and tricks for moving in the mountains, using your gear and a welcoming environment where you can ask us anything!

Event Details

• 2 consecutive days of touring with the WNDR Alpine community in the backcountry adjacent to your local evo store

• Conversations regarding terrain assessment, communication, individual strengths that contribute to group dynamics, and more.

• Snow safety - We will gather each morning to discuss the forecast for the day, the hazards present and the plan for the day with your guide

• Tips and tricks - Become efficient and proficient with the tools you have at your disposal

• Avalanche and snow safety briefing (previous backcountry experience is still required)

• A behind the scenes look into WNDR’s Algal Tech ski materials platform - Material science meets ski building meets responsibility. Take a look through the eyes of WNDR Alpine with an intimate peek into the future of biobased materials, skis, and manufacturing circularity

Dates and Locations


Pep Fujas

Snow Contractor, Light Machinery

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Matt Sterbenz

GM and Founder of WNDR Alpine

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