Intention 110 - 19/20 Demos

Regular price $699.00 Sale price $399.00
Intention 110 - 19/20 Demos
Intention 110 - 19/20 Demos
Intention 110 - 19/20 Demos
Intention 110 - 19/20 Demos
Intention 110 - 19/20 Demos

Built For the Backcountry

Built for the imaginative, the creative and the determined. Balanced and versatile, these skis merge uphill ease with downhill mobility.

Regular price $699.00 Sale price $399.00

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We've got some leftover 19/20 Intention 110 HQ demo skis available for sale at a 30% discount!  All skis come flat without a binding.  We have all these available with a fresh tune and wax, so they're ready to rip.  We will also plug the holes. 

If you have any questions on the condition, please reach out to us on the live chat, via email or phone.  Your support of our lightly used demos is a great way to ensure every ski has a long and fulfilling life on the hill.  So, thanks for keeping them out of retirement!

Built for the imaginative, the creative and the determined. Balanced and versatile, these skis merge uphill ease with downhill mobility.  This is backcountry skiing as we see it. Tread light, charge hard. 

The Intention 110 is the most balanced backcountry ski in the world. The sidecut is shaped to rip and grip in a wide array of snowpacks at varied speed. The semi-cap sidewall construction provides incredible stability and energy transmission over the edge while minimizing wear and tear. Descending, you may find yourself looking down to make sure they are still there, as the tapered sidecut symmetry precisely intersects the early rise splay in the tip and tail curvatures, creating a weightless, buoyant and nimble sensation.


  • Strength, Stiffness and Binding Retention data.
  • Bio-based Checkerspot™ Algal Composite Core reduces weight, improves torsional stiffness for better edge hold, and offers a more stable ride feel for versatile backcountry performance.
  • Bio-based resin replaces traditional petroleum-based resin systems. The raw materials going into our epoxy resins and hardeners are co-products or waste products of other industrially important processes. 
  • UPS Carbon Neutral shipping.


“Our first run was wind crust and then creamy pow. I was blown away, after the first couple turns I forgot they were there and for me that's huge.  Good product just works and you don't have to think about it. Over the course of three days we skied pretty much every condition, wind crust, pow, zipper crust, slush, and wind buff. They handled everything incredibly well, which is hard to find, especially in a light backcountry setup. The shape is awesome and after the three days I didn't want to give them back.”

Joey, 24 years skiing the backcountry


Dimensions: 136-110-128mm

Turn radius: 22.5m @ 185cm

Average Weight:

1625g/ski - 171cm

1750g/ski - 178cm

1800g/ski - 185cm

1900g/ski - 192cm

Rocker Type: Rocker-Camber-Rocker, Reverse Camber

Core Construction: Aspen, Paulownia, Checkerspot™ Algal Composite

Intended Use: Backcountry


Photos: Carson Meyer (@carsonmeyerphoto)


• Algal Core reduces weight, improves torsional stiffness for better edge hold, and offers 15% less weight than similar skis of comparable dimensions. See the data.

• NEW Algal Wall cast polyurethane sidewalls are made utilizing a proprietary biobased polyurethane, engineered to improve edge hold and bondline strength with core over traditional materials. Algawall sidewalls utilize a novel manufacturing technique that diverts plastic waste from the landfill compared to traditional use of ABS plastic sidewalls.

• Biobased resin replaces traditional petroleum-based resin systems. The raw materials going into our epoxy resins and hardeners are co-products or waste products of other industrially important processes.


Camber Selection

Two camber profiles are available for each length. Choose a shape for your skiing style - positive camber for versatility or reverse camber for the ultimate in playful, off-piste charging and slashing.


Reverse Camber


Take a 10% discount on any ski when you purchase any binding at retail price.  Offer valid up to two pairs.


To reduce our dependence on disposable packing materials, we ship our skis using cardboard, repulpable tape, and recycled paper instead of shrink wrap.


We take pride in acting responsibly and seek to give our customers an opportunity to join us through the WNDR Takeback Program.

As a first step, we always encourage you to sell or donate your skis to friends, family or a local charity.

We will also take back your skis at the end of life and, depending on the condition, we may: 1) refurbish and find them a new home, 2) deconstruct and re-use parts of the internal materials, or 3) upcycle the skis. In all cases, we inspect the worn skis and utilize the data to help us improve our manufacturing process and ultimately the ski performance.

Lastly, as an incentive, if you send your skis back within 3 years, you will receive 20% off a new pair of skis, and have the peace of mind knowing that your old skis have been dealt with responsibly.


We prototype and test our skis both in the lab and with feedback from athletes, guides, and mountain professionals. We don’t release a product unless we love it, and we’re confident that you’ll love our skis as much as we do. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with a product manufactured by WNDR Alpine, you may ship it back to us for a full refund under our Return Policy.



Model Calc. Style 171 178 185 192
Length (straight tape) cm na 169.6 176.7 184.1 190.6
Tip Width mm na 136.0 137.0 138.8 136.3
Waist Width mm na 110.0 110.3 110.2 109.7
Tail Width mm na 128.0 128.1 128.6 128.2
Turn Radius m na 19.0 20.9 22.6 23.9
Effective Edge cm na 138.6 146.4 152.6 159.6
Running Surface cm na 116.7 126.0 130.0 135.0
Tip Length mm na 302.7 308.7 306.0 311.3
Tail Length mm na 240.7 237.7 243.7 260.0
Tip Height mm Camber 58.0 62.0 65.0 57.0
mm Reverse 53.0 55.0 55.0 56.0
Tail Height mm Camber 33.0 34.0 29.0 31.0
mm Reverse 31.0 33.0 39.5 34.0
Midsole from Tail mm na 785.0 820.0 855.0 890.0
Waist to Mount Point mm na 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0
Camber mm Camber ~5 ~5 ~5 ~5
mm Reverse ~1/-1 ~1/-1 ~1/-1 ~1/-1
Weight gr Camber 1650 1740 1810 1923
gr Reverse 1600 1763 1795 1883