Too Fast, Too Furious - Vital 100

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Quick ascents make for many descents! You’re a human yo-yo dead set on racking up as much vert as possible before the sun goes down. 

Compiling your gear takes time away from you skiing. It is also very expensive to acquire piece by piece, so here's the kit - curated by our Friends of WNDR - that you can count on from a single source at a price that can't be beat. We'll even mount up the bindings, trim the skins to your skis and ship free to anywhere in the US or Canada.

Comes with the following:

  • Vital 100
  • Salomon MTN binding w/ leash
  • Pomoca Climb 2.0 Touring Skins
  • Tour 2.0 5-Panel hat
  • WNDR x Voile Ski Strap 
  • MtnFlow Eco Ski Wax

Just specify in the notes what specific ski you want (model, size & profile), what your BSL is (in mm on the heel) and preference on mounting point (if not at recommended).  

NOTE: Kits do not include safety gear for backcountry skiing. It is your responsibility to carry a beacon, shovel, probe, and additional safety equipment any time you recreate outside of a resort. We recommend taking an avalanche course and becoming an expert in using this equipment before you set foot in the backcountry.

This kit features a substantial bundling discount off all WNDR Alpine products in the kit.   No additional discounts apply to the already discounted ski kit price.