Vital 100 - 2022 Demos
Vital 100 - 2022 Demos
Vital 100 - 2022 Demos

Vital 100 - 2022 Demos

Built For the Backcountry

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We've got some of our 2022 HQ demo fleet available for sale at a significant discount!  The $499 price is for the ski flat.  Will come with a fresh tune too.  Your support of our lightly used demos is a great way to ensure every ski has a long and fulfilling life on the hill.  So, thanks for keeping them out of retirement!

Available Skis include:

  • Camber 155 cm 

    Do you know the feeling when a ski continues to amaze you, no matter the conditions or terrain? That’s the Vital 100. Built for the alpine, it’s a tool for managing the multitude of conditions you’ll encounter on your journey to salvation. Responsiveness and control are its mainstay attributes, providing incredible stability for its weight while its snappy, quick-witted pivotability lets you charge without restraint. The secret of the Vital 100’s serious, yet lighthearted demeanor lies in the integration of advanced biobased materials, which allow you to reach new heights in any terrain and descend from the highest peaks with unprecedented poise and stability.

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    Product Details

    • Lengths: 155, 162, 169, 176, 183, 190cm
    • Dimensions (Tip-Waist-Tail): 126-100-118mm
    • Radius: 16m @ 155cm, 17m @ 162cm, 19m @ 169cm, 21m @ 176cm, 23m @ 183cm, 26m @ 190cm
    • Weight (per ski): 1850 grams/4 pounds @ 183cm length
    • Flex: Medium Plus
    • Camber profiles: Rocker-Camber-Rocker or Full Reverse Camber
    • Intended Use: All Mountain, Boiler Plate to Boot Top Pow
    • Artist: Christian McCarthy Johansen



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    B Corp Certified, B Corp, Alpine Touring, Backcountry, Sustainability, Green

    Photos (L to R): Ken Etzel


    • Strength, Stiffness & Binding Retention Data.
    • Utilizes novel biobased materials derived from microalgae, designed from the ground up for ski performance. See our Biotechnology section below for further details.
    • Two camber profiles available for each length. Choose a shape for your skiing style; positive camber for versatility, greater edge contact on piste and a more traditional feel, or reverse camber for the ultimate in playful, off-piste float, charging, and pivotability.
    • Designed, developed, tested and fabricated in Salt Lake City, Utah USA.


    • Our Algal Core is a composite of vertically laminated, domestically sourced aspen sandwiched between high-density, algal polyurethane stringers which ensure a solid but lightweight platform. Biobased carbon content is 41.58% by ASTM D6866.
    • Updated Algal Wall sidewalls are made utilizing a proprietary biobased cast polyurethane, engineered to improve edge hold and stability, while also increasing bondline strength over traditional materials, all while improving biobased content and durability over last year’s Algal Wall. Algal Wall utilizes a novel manufacturing technique that diverts plastic waste from the landfill compared to ABS plastic sidewalls. Biobased carbon content 68.89% by ASTM D6866. See why it's better.
    • Biobased Super Sap® technology replaces traditional petroleum-based resin systems. We use Entropy Resins® to minimize the carbon footprint of our products. The certified bio-based content per ASTM D6866 of the ER-305 Resin is ~28%.



    Reverse Camber



    • Binding Plate: Domestically sourced hardwood insert that’s 550mm long by 60mm wide and 4/5mm thick to avoid pullouts.
    • Edges: Industry standard 2.2mm hardened steel
    • Base Material: Black sintered high carbon UHMW treated with a penetrating biodegradable (No PFCs) all temp application provides long lasting performance without toxic chemical impact.
    • Tailblock: Updated 6.5mm thick with flush seams and skin tail notch
    • Composite: Triax woven fiberglass
    • Topsheet: Laminated ~51% ASTM D6866 biobased nylon and polyethylene textured topsheet



    Model Calc. Style 155 162 169 176 183 190
    Length (straight tape) cm na 153.6 160.7 167.9 174.8 181.7 188.6
    Tip Width mm na 126 126 126 126 126 126
    Waist Width mm na 100 100 100 100 100 100
    Tail Width mm na 118 118 118 118 118 118
    Turn Radius m na 16 18 20 22 24 26
    Effective Edge cm na 112 116 135 142 148 155
    Running Surface cm Camber 103 110 116 123 131 137
    cm Reverse 104 111 118 126 133 141
    Tip Height mm na 52 52 52 52 52 52
    Tail Height mm na 30 30 30 30 30 30
    Midsole from Tail Notch Center mm na 705 740 775 810 845 880
    Waist to Mount Point mm na 10 10 10 10 10 10
    Camber mm Camber +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5
    mm Reverse -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -2
    Weight (approximately) gr Camber 1450 1550 1650 1750 1850 1950
    gr Reverse 1450 1550 1650 1750 1850 1950
    FOW: Pep Fujas // Photo: Matt Sterbenz (@mattsterbenz)

    Customer Reviews

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    Great ski - super confident in all conditions so far. I have taken them on groomers, chop, and deep wet snow and it has excelled in all. It is a really good choice for a one ski quiver. There will be better ski's for deep days, but these are a solid choice if you want to do a bit of everything and don't mind a bit of uphill weight for downhill fun.