Vital 98
Vital 98
Vital 98
Vital 98
Vital 98

Vital 98


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“One of my favorite skis of the test. Stiff and damp in all the right places.” - Backcountry Magazine

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All new for 23/24, The Vital 98 pays homage to its predecessor by improving upon its precise, stable, and award-winning platform. We further optimized its strength-to-weight ratio and tightened the turn radius for added engagement when you need it most. By slightly increasing the Vital’s tip stiffness and extending the running surface, stability at speed has been improved. The inclusion of our Spiral Plate creates a more even flex from tip to tail, while the Algal Core and Algal Wall reduce weight and vibration. An updated tail block improves tail clip retention and easily punches through stubborn layers in the snowpack - a massive benefit to anchor building or tail jab kick turns in steep terrain.

    • Lengths: 159, 165, 171, 177, 183, 189 cm
    • Dimensions (Tip-Waist-Tail): 126-98-117 mm
    • Radius: 19.5 m @ 183 cm
    • Weight (per ski): 1750 g @ 183 cm
    • Flex: Progressive - The tail begins with a medium to stiff flex, transitioning to stiffer through the mid section and decreasing gradually toward the tip. This flex pattern creates a solid platform for stability in the tail and underfoot while the medium tip flex handles crud and variable conditions with ease. Due to its narrower width, the torsional stiffness of the Vital 98 is the strongest, allowing for optimal edge hold and stability in variable conditions.
    • Profile: Camber - for versatility, greater edge contact on piste and a more traditional feel | Reverse - for the ultimate in playful, off-piste float, charging and pivotability.
    • Intended Use: All Mountain, Boiler Plate to Boot Top Pow
    • Artist: Christian Johansen
    • Designed, developed, tested and assembled in Salt Lake City, Utah

    2023 WNDR VITAL 98

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Christian Johansen
    To the cosmos: Part 2

    This ski is burly, yet remains playful and supple: when you let off the gas a bit and get into more technical terrain, it responds quickly and dependably edge to edge in tight spaces. It feels responsive and predictable hopturning on steep terrain in less than ideal conditions, flowy and smooth through bumps, and provides comfortable landings on the backsides of drops and cliffs, a jibby ski all over the mountain. As the snow gets heavy, wet, or pow above mid calf to knee, I'm trending towards something a little fatter like the Intention 108, but the early rise tip of the 98 floats on top of the snow in far deeper powder than one might predict, and admittedly hard to leave at home. Where I'd use this ski: Missions with a pin set up. Short to mid distance approaches/days 2-15 miles, 1k-5k vert). It'll ski aggressively anywhere you'd like. For longer missions or expeditions, I might choose a Nocturne, as it has similar aggressive capabilities at a lighter weight. This ski is a daily driver on the narrow side (East last any day, Rockies most days except big pow and heavy snow, an excellent choice for missions in the Tetons, Alps, Dolomites, and areas with technical terrain and variable conditions). Throw a resort binding on it and they become a go-to resort set up as well. Big love for this ski.

    Christian Johansen
    To the cosmos, and all terrain in between

    For it's weight and width, the Vital is an incredibly agile ski, and somehow skis way fatter than it's 98mm waist. I've been fortunate to ride both the camber and reverse Vital 98 in all kinds of conditions: hardpack to low water content champagne, to hot pow, soft slush, blue ice, + steep narrow couloirs, wide couloirs, groomers, big bumps, little bumps, and on, and it's been just about a quiver killer. With a race background, I am fundamentally drawn to a cambered ski, an the increased tip stiffness in the new Vital allows for extended, stable contact with snow, making large, arcing GS turns at speed super stable with little to no chatter, even on speed checks in less than ideal snow --- this ski is stable. To boot. Frankly it's kind of a beast, and all with virtually no metal. At the same time, the algal tech + woodcore + spiral plate all work together to create a dampening effect which is easy on the legs and knees, while maintaining it's stiff and aggressive character -- on a Marker Alpinist pin set up, I feel little to no uncomfortable vibration.

    Goodbye chatter

    I absolutely love these skis. I struggled immensely with my previous touring setup and felt like they couldn’t handle snow variability. The vitals are a welcome change. They are super fun on new snow, they can handle variability and are the perfect mixture of dampness while still being playful. I am looking forward to more days in the backcountry on them!

    Mitch H.
    Friendly and Knowledgeable

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff was ready to help me get in a pair of demo skis. I they didn’t have the vital in the length I would have liked to try, but Jeremy (?) definitely tried to find a length and ski combo that would be close in-line to what I was wanting to try.

    Graham K.
    Balanced up and down

    Felt like fun, light skis that would strike a good balance between uphill and downhill performance. I demoed them inbounds on a slightly icy morning. I wished they had a bit more edge-hold and dampness. Loved the opportunity to try WNDRs! Would love to see the team again and try more skis in the future.