IMPULSE - A WNDR Alpine Original

Shifting seasons and rising temperatures lend themselves to variability. Early March tends to be a month that sets up for deep powder days and a solid snowpack. As the proposed dates for our trip inched closer, the weather forecast had trouble deciding whether to dip back into February or continue into its path towards spring.

Such was the case when we headed up to Wyoming last year. Mother Nature’s roulette wheel continued to spin as we departed, the prospect for a few inches of fresh teased as warming temps threatened. Nonetheless, we knew the conditions would supply us a perfect scenario to shake down a new ski layup, featuring newly engineered materials, for the 20-21 season - namely the never-before-seen Algal Wall, an updated Algal Core consisting of domestically sourced aspen, a slightly more rockered tip and a slightly stiffer tail.

WNDR Alpine Intention 110 Alpine Touring Skis

We were itching to get out and put our latest technology development through the wringer for the first time. Teton Range, WY. Photo: Carson Meyer (@carsonmeyerphoto)

Armed with adequate knowledge, trust in our partners, and comfort with assessing conditions, we ventured forth into the Tetons with Pep, Benny Schmitt, Tyler Miller and Carson Meyer. By the time we arrived, the weather pattern shook out leaving us no new snow and warming temps.  As such, we sniffed out some northwest facing trees and were delighted to find some soft snow and technical mini golf.  

Our local guide showed up stoked and ready for the unexpected. Teton Range, WY. FOW: Lily Krass // Photo: Carson Meyer (@carsonmeyerphoto)

When you don’t know what’s just around the bend, a local guide is all the more valuable. On the second day, FOW and Teton local Lily Krass came out to test skis with us and graciously showed us around her backyard. A 5am start in bluebird conditions gave way to a bright, beautiful day of ascending and flying. 

If these days of uncertainty did anything for us, it was that they highlighted the importance of the variables we can control: our ski partners, our equipment, and our decision-making skills. With the right preparation, uncertainty can be embraced. 


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The Do It All paired with a Reverse Camber, 185cm Intention 110 was Pep Fujas' choice for our unpredictable trip to the Tetons.