Snowboard Saga Chapter 4: Nick's First Ride

November 12th 2022: Nick got his hands on one of the world’s first splitboards made with renewable materials derived from microalgae. 

Eastern Sierra, CA. FOW: Nick Russell // Photo: Ming Poon (@ming.t.poon)

Setting out with friend and photographer Ming Poon on an early season mission to explore his backyard in the Eastern Sierra, Nick scoped out some high alpine lines to get a healthy variety of touring and riding conditions to properly put the prototype through its paces.

Whatever it takes to get to the goods. Eastern Sierra, CA. FOW: Nick Russell // Photos: Ming Poon (@ming.t.poon)

Admittedly, we were anxious to hear Nick’s feedback on one of our first prototype shapes. As a rider whose normal day in the backcountry consists of long approaches, consequential alpine terrain, and sufferfests that most of us wouldn’t even consider, Nick holds his gear to the highest of standards.

Eastern Sierra, CA. FOW: Nick Russell // Photo: Ming Poon (@ming.t.poon)

So how was the first ride? We awaited Nick's review with nervous excitement. Upon returning, he sent us no words... only this:

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