The Intention 110 - What Skiers are Saying, Pt. 1

Not bad for early season. Verbier, Switzerland. FOW: Dan Gish (@dgisha) // Photo: @johnny_rat_

In many parts of the Northern Hemisphere, winter is fully here. In other spots, we’re easing into the season, stepping over exposed rocks and gingerly taking our first steps into the backcountry. 

Those of us that have been lucky enough to get out are often met by friends and strangers alike with one question: 

“So, how do you like ‘em?”

“It was one of those days in Verbier where all the elements came together. Good friends, sunshine, and effortless pow. The Intention 110s made it all the sweeter with their playfulness.”

Dan Gish
Reverse Camber, 178cm

Getting ready for the best part of the day. Verbier, Switzerland. Photo: Dan Gish (@dgisha)

“Winter has finally arrived in full force here in BC and with it enough coverage to start shredding my new skis. I just spent three days skiing very deep powder (about 1 meter in 3 days) up in Rogers Pass, and this week the forecast is looking promising to get into the alpine and really get a feel for how the Intentions ride. So far so good! Couldn't be happier with the overall performance of the skis (most excellent slashability), and in a nice and light package.

So thanks for making a great ski and trying to build a community of people who believe that there is room for improvement in every part of our lives.”

Kent Christensen, Ski Patroller
Reverse Camber, 192cm

Rogers Pass, BC. Photo: Kent Christensen (@thekentaloupe)

“The Intention 110 does not disappoint. So far I’ve skied it in Sierra cement, light dry powder, and nearly everything in between and have yet to find something it can’t handle. It’s light enough for big tours, burly enough for big lines, and opens up promising new avenues for the future of skis. Stoked to get more days in!”

Chris St. Amant
Camber, 185cm

“Here's a bit of feedback for you. I've got 10 days on the 192 cm reverse camber skis. I've run them through breakable crust, wind slab, alder, early season thin cover in the forest and some sweet right side up pow. They've handled it all quite well.  

They're stable, responsive, and like to rip big turns. I've found them easy to make short radius turns in confined terrain. The 192 is definitely a lot of ski to handle in faceted early season snow in tight christmas trees, but that's par for the course. Potentially mounting them at 90cm from the tail would remedy that.

I've really enjoyed getting them up to speed and look forward to going faster in bigger terrain!"

Conor Hurley, Ski Guide at Arctos Guides
Reverse Camber, 192cm

Early season tree runs. Selkirk Range, BC. Skier: Dominique Monnier // Photo: Conor Hurley (@arctosguides)

“An extremely versatile modern touring ski, offering stable downhill performance and tremendous uphill efficiency. From technical descents to deep pow, this ski performs in many different snow environments.”

Harrison Brickman, Ski Guide
Reverse Camber, 192cm

"I'm a big dude... 6 feet, 240 lbs. I demand a lot from my gear. My maiden voyage on the Intention 110 was everything I'd hoped for... Light on the ascent and extremely stable downhill. It was pure big man beauty - fast, flowy and so damn fun."

Eric “Bomber” Cade
Camber, 185cm

Bomber, your stoke is contagious. Bozeman, MT. FOW: Eric “Bomber” Cade

Have you gotten your Intention 110s on snow? We'd love to hear from you.