The Intention 110 - What Skiers are Saying, Pt. 2

192cm Reverse Camber, peacefully at home in Whitefish, MT. Photo: Andrew Chad (@a.chad)

If you haven't yet had the chance to get on a pair of Intention 110s, have no fear! We chatted with another handful of skiers to bring you their initial take on the Intention 110.

In case you missed it, read Part 1.

“Some of the most responsive skis I've ever ridden. On both early season powder and hardpack, I could power the skis into aggressive turns and push them through variable snow with surprising stability. All this combined with their light weight and reduced environmental impact makes me proud to be on the Intention 110s."

Liz Forster
Camber, 171cm

WNDR Alpine - Intention 110 First ImpressionsLiz Forster enjoying some light, dry Rocky Mountain pow. Steamboat Springs, CO. Photo: Izzy Steucek

“My friend Quino and I decided to climb up Toledo Peak on the first weekend of December. This was the only shallow south facing ascent we could think of. The first day was super stormy and windy. We made it to the ridge line but chose not to climb the peak due to the weather. Luckily we got some amazing turns coming back down. The powder was untracked, fairly deep and soft!

I'm on the Reverse Camber 185s. I tested a lot of fat skis when I used to work in Japan, and oh boy, the Intentions are a treat to ski! I'd describe them as being really performant without having to put the effort in. If I want to float and be light on my skis or push them into charge mode they do as they're told! The uphill was a breeze, even when breaking trail in soft snow.

The second day the weather cleared up and we hit our own skin track to get back to the ridge. This time we attacked the summit with crampons and rope in hand. The skis attached to my bag took quite a few knocks on the way up but barely a scratch can be seen. Having a lot of weight on your back whilst trying to climb can be a real hindrance, so I was grateful for the Intentions’ light weight. It's also a nice feeling getting to the top knowing that combined with the Pivot 18s and CAST Touring system, I made no compromises for the way down. Looking over at Alta, all we could see were crowds of people fighting over the few runs open to the public this early in the season.

We skied down the other side of the peak back to the main road. The snow was deep and untracked, but it all lay on top of jagged rocks and no base. The only way to avoid hitting the rocks was going for speed and float, an easy job for the Intentions.

As I'm based in Park City, I took the skis out for a ride through the Canyon trees and side country the other day. The conditions were a few inches of soft snow on top of old tracks. I was really worried the skis would struggle to pivot quickly through the trees and I would have a hard time keeping up with my snowboard friends. This just simply wasn't the case. The skis were so snappy underfoot that it felt like being on really wide SL skis. The odd times we were on the groomers to access the lifts, the Reverse Camber skis didn't perform very well on edge, but that's not what they're designed for or why anyone buys a reverse camber ski. They were definitely more stable than expected, but nothing like a GS ski, obviously.

I can't wait to take them out again this season!! I'll also be taking them with me to Australia to tour the Kosciuszko mountains throughout the summer.” 

Emile Hickson, Ski Instructor
Reverse Camber, 185cm

WNDR Alpine - Intention 110 What Skiers Are SayingEmile Hickson rises above the skin track with his Intention 110s. Wasatch Range, UT.

“After taking these bad boys on several days of riding, I can confirm that they are some of the best skis I’ve ever ridden on. Every turn is as satisfying as spreading slightly warmed butter on fresh toasted bread, and like every one else has said, the confidence these skis inspire is unreal.

Big pros: Super light, perfect in every condition I’ve ridden so far, and an absolutely rad mission to reduce environmental impact.

Cons: Don’t ride these skis if you’re a curmudgeon and hate having a good time.”

Eugene Kim
Camber, 185cm

“Loved em! I was a bit apprehensive going into some early season testing in the resort, as I’m generally used to burlier resort style skis. These things are a blast; great float, handled the groomers and chopped up pow with ease. Stoked for the Spring when our backcountry season really gets going!”

David Friedlander, Ski Instructor
Camber, 192cm

WNDR Alpine - Intention 110 What Skiers Are SayingEarly season resort testing. Aspen, CO. FOW: David Friedlander // Photo: Brian Vanderpool (@bvan72)

“My first impressions of the Intention 110 are exciting, to say the least. I spent 7 hours skiing conditions that varied throughout the day - deep powder (12”-16”) and they moved fluidly with excellent weight to performance ratio. As I moved through choppy snow, the edges gripped as well as you could want and maintained control very well. The wide tip kept me afloat and the skis performed on landing with hitting some sidecountry kickers. I also did a handful of descents riding switch and the skis worked well and were easy to maintain control. Stiff as I could want and as soft I like. First impressions, more to come!”

Austin Grisham
Reverse Camber, 178cm

WNDR Alpine - Austin GrishamSummit County, CO. Photo: Austin Grisham (@austin.grisham)

“I've been able to put about three weeks of hard skiing on the 192rc. From touring lodges in BC to smashing pow laps back at home in Whitefish, these skis continue to impress me. Surfy when you want, stable when you need them. Couldn't be happier about these skis. Well done guys!”

Andrew Chad
Reverse Camber, 192cm

Have you gotten your Intention 110s on snow? We’d love to hear from you.