The Intention 110 - What Skiers are Saying, Pt. 3

Will Howard playing in his Colorado backyard. Summit County, CO. Photo: @glevity

Oh yeah, we’re deep into the ski season now. It’s been an exciting ride as we hear back from more skiers as they dive into their favorite terrain in prime conditions.

“From the moment I arc'd my first turn on my Intentions (192cm, camber) I knew they were winners, every turn after that was simply confirming the obvious. These are the most stable and confidence inspiring ski I've ever had the pleasure of clicking in to. Heavy powder, cold smoke, perfect groomers, ice, rain crust. It's handled it all like a dream, all in a variety of terrain. Not only are they confidence inspiring, but they're simply fun to ski. They love to go fast, while still feeling playful and poppy, without darting all over the place. Edge to edge they practically levitate and the float you get in powder is perfect. On the up, I hardly notice them. Admittedly they aren't featherweight, but they absolutely are not holding me back from racking up the vert. I've never been one to believe in a true quiver of one ski, but I think this might finally be the one. All these things are exactly what you want to find in a ski, and easily put them at the top of their class, but then when you factor in their origin; the biotech involved and the intention (pun intended) of everything that went into the creation of this ski, truly makes it one of a kind. I can't wait to continue to explore the mountains and even more varied terrain with these on my feet. I don't want to ski anything else anymore. These skis represent the future of ski technology and the industry as a whole, and having skied these, I can happily report that the future feels good.”

Brandon Gulstene
Camber, 192cm

WNDR AlpineBrandon leans into the future. Lake Louise, AB. Photo: Bradley Staple (@bradleystaple)

"I’ve been skiing for 25 years and never experienced anything like the performance boost of these skis. Almost immediately after putting them on, I became a more confident and capable skier. Zero chatter, more stability for the weight on all types of snow, from dry powder to my local Sierra cement. Highly recommend for any level of skier looking for an immediate improvement over the status quo."

Rachel Konrad
Camber, 171cm

“Just flew out of Sentry Lodge after a few weeks of work in the Selkirk mountains of British Columbia. We had a lot of snow this season with over 200cm at tree line. 

The reverse camber and forward position puts you directly in the driver’s seat. Light and fast. The skis are very responsive with a nice smooth flex. I was able to open them up in the alpine yet they were very nimble at tree line or in more technical terrain. 

Breaking trail in knee deep snow was pure pleasure with the reverse camber and weight. The large shovel kept my tips up. Stoked for more days.”

Isaac Kamink, Ski Guide
Reverse Camber, 185cm

“To be honest when I first dropped in to the WNDR camp I was a little nervous. They are quite a bit bigger (5 cm longer and 1.2cm wider) than my current touring kit and I was worried about weight and mobility on switchbacks etc. Well, I can say those concerns are long gone. The skis are substantially lighter than my other boards, so and the uphill travel is awesome. They are super nimble, stable, and easy to maneuver on corners, switchbacks and steeps. The swing is super well balanced. 

Even more so, the downhill is epic. The flex is awesome, soft where I want them to be and stable underfoot. They ride super smooth and responsively over chop and definitely float through powder. Been skiing them through tight trees and arcing wider fast turns. Surfed some little waves and jumped some rollers. They do it all. It's wild to have a light ski that actually skis well. 

I should say that so far I've only skied them in complete hero snow, so it was hard to not just rip. But compared to my other touring skis they are way more enjoyable to ride. A super versatile shape - playful and powerful. 

I'll be taking them on some bigger tours/ more variable snow at some point (or not, it can just keep nuking) and I'm sure I'll have some more constructive criticism, but for now I'm just really excited on how they ski.”

Jack Stauss
Reverse Camber, 185cm

"Topping out a ridge in the Wasatch backcountry, we watched the wind and the storm roll through perfectly spaced trees. The sun popped out for a second giving us viz of our line, and we pointed the skis downhill." - Jack Stauss. Wasatch Range, UT. Photo: Anna Ratliff (@ayratliff)

“I took a trip up to the interior of British Columbia in early January and skied on the Intention 110's for 8 days straight. They performed masterfully on inbounds terrain and deep in the unregulated backcountry. These skis handled anything I threw at them. We skied wind buffed steeps, wiggled through deep low angle pow, bounced through playful pillowy lines, and slogged up the skin track with heavy packs. I was grateful every step of the way for the performance of the Intention 110. I could not stop bragging to my friends about my light set up that sacrificed nothing on the downhills. From opening the throttle and stomping cliffs to making buttery smooth pow turns these sticks can do it all!”

Nate Trachte
Camber, 192cm

Nate Trachte - WNDRDropping in 3… 2... Whitewater, BC. Photo: (@sanjuanderers)

“I’m hyped on them. It’s been an incredibly refreshing couple of days on them. They rip, it’s fun to power them on hard pack and feel the wide turn radius, but they’re incredibly playful and excel in soft snow. It’s the first pair of skis of another brand I’ve skied in 7 years, and I’m on the train with y’all!! Appreciate your environmental conscience too.”

Will Howard
Camber, 185cm

Will Howard - WNDR
Will Howard plays in the mountains. Summit County, CO. Photo: (@glevity)


Have you gotten your Intention 110s on snow? We’d love to hear from you.