Tread Light, Charge Hard

Tread Light, Charge Hard is a reflection of our communal effort. It is our call to action, and it is a mantra that resonates throughout everything we do at the office, in the Design Lab, and on the hill. It is our meditation.

Tread Light

Rogers Pass National Park. FOW: Cody Lank // Photo: Carson Meyer (@carsonmeyerphoto)

At WNDR Alpine, we seek to tread lightly—in both intention and practice. 

We make lightweight, aggressive products that don’t hold you back on the uphill or the descent. Everything we make allows for seamless ease of use, so that the only things that lie between you and your objectives are the limits of your body and thoughtful decision making. Analyze the conditions, assess your objective, and enjoy the reward that comes from a successful backcountry mission.  

We seek to tread lightly when it comes to our relationship with the planet. We’re certainly not perfect. Nobody is. But in analyzing our own actions, iterating where we can, and of course, by listening, we’re continually improving the way we build our equipment and the way we run our business. We do this with the same meticulous approach to decision making that we use on the mountain.

Charge Hard

Ready to dropBridger Range, MT. FOW: Tyler Miller // Photo: Carson Meyer (@carsonmeyerphoto)

We’ve all been there so many times. Arriving at the top of an objective, switching over from uphill mode to downhill mode, finding time to take in your surroundings, wind down from physical exertion and prepare for what’s to come.  It’s in these moments when thoughts of the descent overtake your mind’s eye. Whether its a line you’ve skied a hundred times or a brand new objective, you visualize your first few turns as you rip your skins and engage ski mode. Those moments are not ones when you want to be second guessing how your equipment will behave or react - you want to visualize and execute what you pictured, and from there rely on your faculties, experience, and knowledge to get you to the bottom safely and artfully.  

However, skiing a line rarely goes exactly as planned. It's your charge hard mentality that overrides your senses, making spontaneous adjustments while proactively engaging with the terrain you find yourself immersed in. It’s a flow state - a moment of hyperconsciousness, where you’re fully immersed, reacting and making decisions instantaneously. Some of these moments are when learning and progression take place. That knowledge gradually imprints itself in your muscle memory to be employed the next time that scenario presents itself. Build knowledge as you go and iterate. It is this intention that we take with us into the lab and into the ski press. We aim to charge hard and allow for conscious innovation.

Because the reward is always worth it.

Bridger Range, MT. FOW: Matt Sterbenz // Photo: Carson Meyer (@carsonmeyerphoto)