Snowboard Saga Chapter 3: Welcoming Nick Russell

Nick Russell joins us as an athlete-innovator and Friend of WNDR, focused on pushing the boundaries of biobased materials, snowboard design, and human-powered pursuits.

“Nick joining the WNDR Alpine family is a dream come true. Nick has the best intentions on and off his snowboard. He has carved his own path in snowboarding, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Nick is conscious about the products he uses and is constantly surfing the Earth in search of another adventure - an adventure in which he’ll need quality products with purposeful materials. It’s an honor to have Nick alongside myself and the team here at WNDR Alpine to develop those needs. Thank you Nick for believing in our mission for a better future doing the things we love. May the froth be with you!”

- Alex "Frothpuppy" Andrews

FOW: Nick Russell and Alex Andrews // Photo: Pep Fujas (@pepfujas)

“Matt asked me at the very beginning, ‘Who is the snowboarder you think would best fit the WNDR Alpine brand?’ Nick Russell was always on the top of my list. Yes, Nick rips, but more than that, he’s a multi-dimensional character who lives and breathes exploring new environments under his own volition. His energy in his day-to-day - as well as in his snowboarding - is deliberate and optimistically enthusiastic. Over the last part of this season, Nick has already begun to bring a whole new dimension to our team. I couldn’t imagine a future without him!”

Pep Fujas

Esplanade Range, BC. FOW: Pep Fujas and Nick Russell // Photo: Jack Dawe (@wdackdawe)

Nick, on behalf of the entire Checkerspot/WNDR Alpine team, we’re honored to welcome you to WNDR Alpine!


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