Pole Baskets

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The Vario Winter Basket is a direct replacement for your WNDR 2-piece or 3-piece pole baskets. This specific basket is a perfect compromise for both bc touring and in resort riding as it's big enough for those deep days but not so big that you can't use it on a groomer day.  They are also a great addition to your trekking poles as they won't sink into soft dirt or sand.  And, these will also fit on any Komperdell branded poles that utilize the Vario Twist2Lock system. 

Super easy installation!  Just line up the grooves with the nubs on the pole, push into place and then turn clockwise 90 degrees to lock into place. 

* Sold as a pair


  • Winter: 3.25 in/ 8 cm
  • Winter XL: 4 in/10 cm