Photo: Marcus Baranow (@confessionsofaskibum)


Permanently STOKED!

Photo: Marcus Baranow (@confessionsofaskibum)

Hi, my name is Brandon and I like to ski.

Ever since I was little I’ve always loved the mountains. As I matured they truly became a central part of my life. I grew up hiking and exploring the endless nooks of my backyard not knowing that the ski boots my parents put on my feet as a toddler and many many years of summer camps would inspire me to dedicate my life to helping other people experience these wild places by becoming a mountain guide.

Over the years I've been working towards that goal, I've had the privilege to travel the world to explore far flung mountain ranges from the heart of Alaska to the glaciers of South America. and have many many more trips planned down the road. I hope to have a positive impact on this community I love so much, from teaching safety, inspiring sustainability and keeping the fire alive.



Calgary, Alberta


Banff, Alberta


  • Ski expeditions across North and South America
  • Human powered rockies perpetual skier. 12 consecutive months and continuing to do so
  • Canoed the mackenzie river beyond the arctic circle
  • Photos published in local ski guidebook
  • Permanently stoked