Photo: Stephen Shelesky @stephenshelesky


Starving Artist, Unprofessional Skier

Photo: Micheli Oliver @micheliphoto

“Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” — Roald Dahl

Christian was held back three times in kindergarten. Too much coloring and an acting agent at an early age resulted in him doing creative freelance work since, which bodes well for keeping days free for the mountains – he’s been honored to work on WNDR’s ski graphics. Skiing and playing music are pretty much the two most important things to keep his mind on straight – specifically, technical high altitude ski mountaineering is peaking his interest. Ideally he’ll be acting in films in the vein of Daniel Day Lewis, and skiing the tallest peaks in the world – the two most powerful warriors are patience and time. He’s accidentally ended up doing some modeling recently, which is great because frankly he’s poor, in addition to art and design work in the outdoor industry. Takes photos, makes fun videos, doesn’t love the editing cave. Thought he was allergic to the fuzz on a peach for a while, not true. Pretty big fan of Simple Plan – unapologetic Swiftie.



Between the Green and White Mountains


Teton Range, WY


  • Denali, ski off summit
  • Linked Grand, Middle, and South Tetons in 15 hours, solo
  • Allegedly first person (in a group of 3) to climb and ski the 5 tallest peaks in Vermont in 18 hours
  • Allegedly first person to snow blade off of Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Debatably mom’s favorite child