Photo: Zoya Lynch @zoyalynch


ACMG Ski Guide and Founder of Wildroots Adventures

Photo: Zoya Lynch @zoyalynch

 Skiing for me is about the journey. The movement, the people, and the places are what really make it special. At this point, it's hard to say what I enjoy more; the approach or the descent. New zones, new friendships, new experiences, repeat.  


Skiing started at the Batawa Ski club, a 150m tall ski hill in southern Ontario, when I was 3 years old. I raced and worked as a ski patrol in my youth. I spent winters skiing with my family around Ontario, Quebec, and Vermont.

In 1999 I dropped out of college, drove to Whistler for a winter season, and never looked back. I took my first avalanche course in 2001 and began a lifelong journey of traveling in the mountains.   I have been fortunate, having many great mentors and a super rad crew of friends to explore with.  


I met Sterbenz up at Golden Alpine Holidays years ago, I was running a Freeride Camp with Hoji. Matt always had a vision with the progression of skiing. It's amazing to see where it has evolved and where it is going.


Prince Edward County, Ontario


Revelstoke, British Columbia


  • Future graduate of the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program through UC Berkeley.
  • Leadership + Community development manager for a large corporation for 5 years.
  • Speaker at 2019 Utah Snow and Avalanche Workshop on Risk Tolerance and Decision making in the mountains
  • Survivor of the 5 Peaks Skimo race in Breckenridge amidst 90 mph winds. Only minor frostbite on my butt to show for it.
  • I almost skied from the summit of Denali. Then a bomb cyclone hit the mountain and there was too much snow to get out of our tents.