Photo: Carson Meyer (@carsonmeyerphoto)


Northwest and Montana Sales Rep

Photo: Carson Meyer (@carsonmeyerphoto)

A version of my story: Fifth Gen Montanan, jack of all master of none: Sportsman.

My parents left the family grocery business to start an action sports shop in Billings MT in the late 80’s. I was raised with the belief that success was measured in how much and often we sported. I grew up believing a “sports car” was a vehicle that could haul all our gear and the car was never worth more than the gear strapped to the roof.  

Sporting is in my DNA and has driven more than one teacher or employer mad due to my single-minded need to never miss that great day out. I’ve had success in all the sports I’ve been a part of but never had the single-minded drive to reach the top of any one sport. I’ve kayaked, snowboarded, snowmobiled, and skied with the best of the best but never felt the desire or drive to completely focus in. I love having the flexibility to do it all on my terms. I believe this mentality was not only raised in me but a part of growing up in Montana in its ever-changing weather and seasons.

Ten years ago, I wanted to contribute and give back to the sport of skiing that has given so much to me and that I truly care about. I watched as skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing all had great rider owned companies that were leading their industries. My vision and contribution became building a rep agency advocating for ski brands that were owned and operated by riders and athletes. Utilizing Matt Sterbenz and 4FRNT as my north star, I picked up Bern Helmets, Strafe Outerwear, SPY optic, Pow Gloves, and Troy Lee Designs.

I’m proud of the work I did over my time in the ski industry and today I continue with the same motivation and fire working for rider owned brands with a focus in the bike and moto industry. This switch to summer has freed me up to get back to what I love and missed...skiing my face off in the winter on my WNDR Alpine skis and working to help spread the word for this revolution in skiing.

See you out there!



Bozeman, MT


  • Late 90’s: Supported by K2 snowboards and Dragon Eyewear.
  • 1999: Backcountry Snowboarder: Snowboarding in the Beartooths.
  • 2001: Co-Owned and operated the first Freeride/ freestyle Camp in the Beartooth Mountains, The Beartooth Freeride Camp. Highlight: watching Tanner Hall land his first switch backflip at our camp, TGR was on hand filming.
  • 2006: Hooked magazine: Full page snowboard shot from Jackson Hole.
  • 2011: Powder Magazine Story: Skiing in the Republic of Georgia.
  • 2014: 4FRNT Rep of the year
  • 2019: Troy Lee Designs rep of the Year
  • 2020: Pep Fujis had a chance to ski with me and his life was forever changed.