Photo: Eric Seo


The two things I love most in this world after family and food are skiing and designing things.

The process of seeing something through from lines on a computer screen to something you can touch, feel, and eventually use, is one of the most rewarding feelings there is.

For years, I traveled from city to city only skiing at night, ducking authorities and finding things to jump off of in search of a scratch for the itch I had. Nothing beats visualizing an end goal, struggling through the process and the elation you feel when your visualization is realized. That was what drew me to urban skiing, and that same process is what drives me now. I took that same mind set to my garage one year and produced my first set of skis with a bunch of home made tools and a $300 vacuum press. Following that path, I made ski design and construction my profession as the Product Development Engineer at Armada.

Missing home, my wife and I moved back to Alaska where I now do the same thing (albeit a little larger scale) designing bridges and marine facilities as a structural engineer. Now my itch gets scratched sharing the wonderful and diverse world of skiing with our daughter, and designing WNDR Alpine shapes on the side.



Anchorage, AK


Anchorage, AK


Superunknown Winner and appearances in 6 Level 1 movies

• Raising a human child for almost 2 years

• Married a smokeshow

• Licensed Professional Engineer