Photo: Mack Lambert @mountainsforbreakfastt


Pedal Princess, Community Culitvator, Photo Maker

Photo: Mack Lambert @mountainsforbreakfastt

Born and raised in Southern California, bikes have always been the main form of “fun and fast” in my life. After growing up on moto and BMX, I worked as a bike messenger for 4 years in LA while I went to school for Audio Engineering. Realizing I found myself often leaving the city, yearning for the mountains, I made the move to Salt Lake City.

Based near the Wasatch, skiing was never just an option… it was the obvious next adventure! Backcountry skiing and the immersive world it brings has been the replacement for my love of mountain biking that I chase during the summer. Skiing gives me the “fun and fast” I was after, but also allows an opportunity to slow down for photos and connect with nature. Nowadays, no matter what time of year it is, you can find me in the mountains taking in the sights and sounds, connecting to and capturing the beauty that surrounds me.

I consistently pursue photography - especially film - while out on adventures in the backcountry. It’s a pleasure to use the medium as my little attempt to share the grandiose beauty I see and feel with others.



Yucaipa, CA


Salt Lake City, UT


  • Brakeless fixed gear bike 2 ski up Mill Creek Canyon
  • Founder of local cycling group SLC Fixed
  • Captured the 2024 SLC WNDR Outpost on repurposed security surveillance film.
  • Certified ski instructor
  • Degree in Audio Engineering from LA Film School