Photo: Joel O'Rourke


Father and Mountain Enthusiast

Photo: Jay Dash

Growing up as a skier from the Southeast gave me a deep appreciation for marginal conditions and edge control.

From my first turns on the acclaimed pistes of the Cataloochee Ski Area, I knew that I could probably use skiing as a medium to explore the world. Through a series of fortunate events, I eventually moved West to complete my undergrad degree at the University of Utah. Going to school surrounded by the iconic Wasatch Mountains opened doors to a new realm of possibility and chance encounters with some of the industry's finest. I remember sharing a classroom with Wiley Miller, who's on-slope creativity inspired me further. He introduced me to 4FRNT's Matt Sterbenz and I landed a pair of VCT 181's, my first pair of legit powder skis. It was all over after that.  

Since that unlikely meeting, my main gigs for nearly a decade revolved around ski patrolling and ski guiding locally and abroad. The connections made during that time certainly shaped who I am today, led me to my wife of nearly seven years, and eventually my two rambunctious groms that challenge me in ways I could have never imagined.

Throughout these last several years, I've fallen into myriad opportunities to share the love of skiing with others through my passion for snow safety and avalanche education. There's nothing like initiating avalanches with explosives one day, and then spending the next few days with a group of inquisitive people talking about how to avoid the ill-consequences of being caught in one. Training recreational backcountry skiers and professional avalanche workers has opened my eyes to new possibilities and sharpened my focus towards how we can continue to safely enjoy the snowy environs to which we are drawn. I will forever endeavor to promote this lifestyle to those who have a curious fascination with mountains and are attracted to the sensation of cold snow and wind hitting their faces.





Salt Lake City, UT


  • Snowbird Ski Patroller since 2009
  • Produced over 100 published articles related to skiing, biking, beer drinking, and mountain culture.
  • Co-ran a marginally successful ski guide service in the Argentine Andes from 2011-2018
  • Worked to develop, organize, and manage the avalanche education program at Snowbird Mountain Guides
  • Board Member of the American Avalanche Association since 2017
  • American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) Director of Professional Programs