WNDR Alpine was born out of a need for new materials and better products.

Gratitude for the moments of solace we discover among friends in the field, the privilege to be collaborating with a team on novel ideas, and the excitement for sharing new products and media projects with our community - these are just a few of the emotions we’re currently experiencing as we unveil our latest creations to the world. In the last year we made whole on several commitments we sought out to achieve, in bolstering our community with a connection to self and Nature.

Our purposely composed and diversely talented team of outdoor industry professionals, engineers, and craftspeople, in complement to our company’s accredited molecular biologists and material scientists, are foundational to our latest achievements. We launch in 2022 with a new point of view on construction, delivering on our promise to reduce waste and dependence on virgin material consumption. The result: significant increase in recycled content, and better performance.

Our spiritual snowy owl’s wingspan widened to include snow-surf science, also referred to as snowboarding to the uninitiated. Seeing members of the snowboard community embracing our young brand has been truly humbling for me, and further justifies why we continue to devote time and energy to an expanding event calendar with an open invite to further education, and inclusive experiences together in the backcountry.

I find the most powerful act of Nature is its ability to show us balance. What we can do in support of it is to respect how we rely on it to serve our pursuits to engineer bio-based materials, construct less carbon-intensive products, and support the growing environmentally conscious community enriched with immersive experiences with friends in the mountains. We call this planet home, so let’s take our shoes off at the door, come in and stay a while.

Tread light, charge hard!

Matt Sterbenz, founder

2022 Milestones

• Welcomed world renowned backcountry snowboarder Nick Russell, as athlete and snowboard category product manager

• Debut of first snowboards, the Belle Series: BelleAire and BelleTour

• Introduced SpiralMade™ recycled materials construction, featured in Spiral Plate for all skis and snowboards

• Updated our original Intention 110 with the release of the all new Intention 108

2021 Milestones

• Introduced the Reason 120, completing our three-ski backcountry quiver

• Brought Alex Andrews onboard to lead splitboard development and Romy Koles to kickstart apparel

• Became Climate Neutral Certified

• The Vital 100 recieved an ISPO Award and Sustainability Achievement

• Received the only B Corp™ Certification ever awarded to a ski maker

• Debuted the first ever WNDR Women Roost, led and masterminded by FOW Melissa Gill

2020 Milestones

• Production facility converted to 100% renewable energy

• Created an in-house material science and screenprinting department

• Published our Responsibility Statement

• Introduction of AlgalTech™ ski materials platform and creation of the Algal Wall, a complement to Algal Core

• Hosted the Inaugural WNDR Roost in the Wasatch Mountains

2019 Milestones

• Pep Fujas added to the team as VP of Marketing and Product Development

• Introduced the Intention 110, the first ever ski to include algae as a core ingredient

• Launched WNDR Alpine on July 8th, 2019

• Sold out of popular lengths of the Intention 110 by the end of the year