WNDR Alpine was born out of a need for new materials and better products.

Every Fall for as long as I can remember, I’ve toured the West in my annual pursuit to connect with outdoor community hubs, comprised of athletes, retailers, journalists, photographers, cinematographers and the like. This tradition consumes the seasonal calm as the Earth’s poles tilt to winter.

It was the first week of November 2022, and I was traveling through the Coast Mountain Range in British Columbia, where the interior winds were blowing out to shore. So were my chances to ride. I thought it was a shame at the time due to my own selfish interests of the day, but as soon as I arrived home to Utah, we witnessed an uncharacteristic swell of unseasonably cold and dense moisture, to the calculated magnitude of an atmospheric river.

This event soon became a pattern consistent with what we’ve all come to expect in the PNW, and we became rapidly blanketed in delightful, homogenous snow back home. The gluttony of powder days we experienced amidst fall foliage, ignited a spark of excitement that caught flame and shined bright all year down here. We experienced atmospheric river after river, record breaking snowfall. Resorts claimed over 50 total days with overnight snow totals of 10 cm or greater. I write this in part, to remind ourselves how truly unique this season was, and if we suffer a shift back to drier conditions, akin to regions less fortunate last year, we can be fulfilled by recalling a not so distant deep past.

Our team consequently became invigorated with these epic weather events. This year more than ever, we became a product of our environment and our product development soared, more than doubling our offering with 8 new products.

Today I look around at the projects that have come to life in recent weeks with awe. The Shepherd Tour and Solid, the board Nick Russell’s dreams were made of, has arrived. An updated award-winning Vital, now narrower, lighter, quicker turning and in updated sizes. The all-new 88mm Nocturne, an inspired first attempt at bridging freeride to…Free Mo? All the while, a two-year apparel line comes to life. The Phase Series, complete with unisex and gender specific styling for an active lifestyle, featuring a world’s first use of microalgae oil for moisture wicking. We now have an innovative and inspired product line available that will always be in season and available for everyone to experience.

There truly is something in the air around here, and Mother Nature is duly deserving of credit.

We bring forward this enthusiasm and gratitude with each and every opportunity we have to share our work with you in the season ahead. We remain committed to meeting and seeing more of the natural world that our products were made for. I hope to see you at the trailhead soon!

Tread light, charge hard,

Matt Sterbenz, founder

2023 Milestones

• Debuted our first ever technical apparel collection made with ingredients from microalgae: The Phase Series

• Debuted two new snowboards: the Shepherd and Shepherd Tour

• Debuted two new skis: the Nocturne 88 and the Vital 98

• Won Outdoor Retailer's Innovation Award for the Intention 108

2022 Milestones

• Welcomed world renowned backcountry snowboarder Nick Russell, as athlete and snowboard category product manager

• Debut of first snowboards, the Belle Series: BelleAire and BelleTour

• Introduced SpiralMade™ recycled materials construction, featured in Spiral Plate for all skis and snowboards

• Updated our original Intention 110 with the release of the all new Intention 108

2021 Milestones

• Introduced the Reason 120, completing our three-ski backcountry quiver

• Brought Alex Andrews onboard to lead splitboard development and Romy Koles to kickstart apparel

• Became Climate Neutral Certified

• The Vital 100 recieved an ISPO Award and Sustainability Achievement

• Received the only B Corp™ Certification ever awarded to a ski maker

• Debuted the first ever WNDR Women Roost, led and masterminded by FOW Melissa Gill

2020 Milestones

• Production facility converted to 100% renewable energy

• Created an in-house material science and screenprinting department

• Published our Responsibility Statement

• Introduction of AlgalTech™ ski materials platform and creation of the Algal Wall, a complement to Algal Core

• Hosted the Inaugural WNDR Roost in the Wasatch Mountains

2019 Milestones

• Pep Fujas added to the team as VP of Marketing and Product Development

• Introduced the Intention 110, the first ever ski to include algae as a core ingredient

• Launched WNDR Alpine on July 8th, 2019

• Sold out of popular lengths of the Intention 110 by the end of the year