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Our Story

WNDR Alpine was born out of a need for new materials and better products.

"We do not reject our traditions, but we are willing to adapt to changing circumstances, when change we must. We are willing to suffer the discomfort of change in order to achieve a better future."

- Barbara Jordan

In last year's Vitality film, we looked to our country's social leaders and progressive thinkers for inspiration. The quotes of those who sought to build upon what had come before them and create something better rang true to our own calling.

We are now a brand entering our third year of existence, seeking to build upon our collective experiences and reach new heights with a technology never before utilized to build backcountry equipment.

Together with our materials, we seek new modes of backcountry travel through the weightlessness of powder snow. For 2021, we are collectively inspired by the risk and reward of modern space exploration, but in a low earth orbit kind of way… as can be found in the debut of our latest creation, the Reason 120.

In the last few months, we moved into a larger facility just a block north of our original location in the Granary District of Salt Lake City. This new facility provides the Design Lab room to grow, as well give street access to our first WNDR Alpine flagship store opening this fall. The space provides ample room for the cross departmental collaboration which is all-important for our success as a brand. Being under one roof enables us to fully realize the benefits of seeing the process through from material science and fabrication to serial production from the inside out. The flagship will provide our community with great insights into how we use biotechnology to create performance products.

We also remain guided by our never ending pursuit - and now reality - of being an industry first B Certified brand. We revel in the design and construction of biobased ingredients, and in the ways that we can reduce our dependence on virgin inputs. Our Responsibility statement hinges on the meaningful use of our waste. As we continue to grow, our waste stream will become a bigger part of our material story.

Finally, as we begin our transition for another lap, I find myself reflecting on the relationships cultivated over these last couple of years. From FOW’s to attendees of our Roost and Rendezvous events, it's been strange, yet remarkable to consider how intimately we’ve grown with our backcountry community. Turns out, getting fully immersed in nature with like-minded skiers is a powerful thing, and one I’m personally devoting more time to in the coming season. I welcome you to join in!

Tread light, charge hard!

Matt Sterbenz, founder

2021 Milestones

• Introduced the Reason 120, completing our three-ski backcountry quiver

• Brought Alex Andrews onboard to lead splitboard development.

• Became Climate Neutral Certified

• The Vital 100 recieved an ISPO Award and Sustainability Achievement

• Received the only B Corp™ Certification ever awarded to a ski maker

• Debuted the first ever WNDR Women Roost, led and masterminded by FOW Melissa Gill

2020 Milestones

• Production facility converted to 100% renewable energy

• Created an in-house material science and screenprinting department

• Published our Responsibility Statement

• Introduction of AlgalTech™ ski materials platform and creation of the Algal Wall, a complement to Algal Core

• Hosted the Inaugural WNDR Roost in the Wasatch Mountains

2019 Milestones

• Pep Fujas added to the team as VP of Marketing and Product Development

• Introduced the Intention 110, the first ever ski to include algae as a core ingredient

• Launched WNDR Alpine on July 8th, 2019

• Sold out of popular lengths of the Intention 110 by the end of the year

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