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FREE Backcountry Safety & Avalanche Awareness Clinics

The WNDR Rendezvous education workshops are FREE to the WNDR Alpine community. Each session is designed and developed by professional avalanche educators and backcountry guides to increase your awareness, hazard and personal risk management skills.  There are 2 Rendezvous offerings depending on your skill level that will support your journey to succeed in the backcountry.

Set your winter activities up for success! Pick the session that best suits your experience and join us.

2022 Dates


Session 1: Backcountry 101

WNDR Rendezvous Intro - December 15, 2022 - 6 Spots Available

Session 2: Avy 1 Refresh

WNDR Rendezvous Refresh - December 16, 2022 - Only 3 Spots Available


Wasatch Backcountry, Utah

Rendezvous Pre-requisites

All participants are required to have all basic avalanche rescue tools including; shovel, beacon, probe. A comprehensive list will be sent to attendees after signup with recommendations for addional useful gear.

Session 1 (Backcountry 101): No qualifications necessary. This intoductory level course is great for those who are brand new to ski touring or have limited formal training. We highly recommend that you take the Know Before You Go course from Utah Avalanche Center, which is online and free. also offers some great educational resources.

Session 2 (Refresh): Avy 1 Certification is required.

Event Details

*Please Note* SNOWSHOES ARE NOT ALLOWED - splitboards or ski touring equipment are required!

Included in each session: A 1 hour long webinar and 1 full day in the field. The webinar will focus on getting acquainted, discussing the forecast, where to find accurate information, identify the meeting location and to make sure you have the required equipment.

Session 1 (Backcountry 101): Equipment compentency - you will understand the basic functionality of your avalanche rescue equipment and learn best practices for employing their use.

Avalanche Forecasting - Find and interpret local mountain weather forecasts and advisory information. Identify red flags and learn how to apply your knowlege.

Terrain Assessment - Adequately differentiate and identify avalanche terrain vs. non-avalanche terrain.

Risk Management - Develop a route plan based on your groups proficiency.

Session 2 (Avy 1 Refresh): You've already taken the most valuable step to become competent in the backcountry. Now is the time to get back into the winter mindset and employ the techniques you learned in your avy 1 to reinforce what you've learned. We will work on avalanche incident preparation and response protocol, how to allocate your resources effectively and use your tools efficiently.

We look forward to connecting with the WNDR touring community and hope to offer some practical tips that make every WNDR riders backcountry outing safe and enjoyable. Let's Rendezvous!

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