The First Annual WNDR Roost: Ski with Matt Sterbenz and Pep Fujas

Matt Sterbenz and Pep Fujas skinning to one of our favorite zones. Photo: Sam Watson (@samwatsonphotos)

This winter, Matt Sterbenz, Pep Fujas and fellow FOWs will be hosting a small group of our early adopters for three days of touring in our favorite zones in the Wasatch. We’ll be touring in small, intimate groups and exploring all that our local terrain has to offer. 

Why? We want to grow our tight-knit community, beginning with the people who first showed interest in WNDR Alpine. 


The Event


  • 3 consecutive days of touring with Pep and Matt in the Wasatch
  • Tour of the Checkerspot Design Lab in Salt Lake City
  • Apres Beers/Party
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Gear Setup
  • Avalanche and Snow Safety Briefing (previous backcountry experience is still required)

Not Included

  • Gear
  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Airfare
  • Ground Transportation

Please Read

This is an invite to come backcountry skiing with us at our favorite local spots - it is not an all-expenses-paid, guided expedition. As always, all of the standard inherent risks of backcountry travel apply, including but not limited to avalanche risk, exposure, altitude, unforeseen obstacles, and variable weather conditions. We intend to create an environment of safe and responsible decision making for all. However, the inherent risk you assume is your own. Inappropriate safety equipment, or lack of ability to use this equipment may bar you from participation.

If you purchase within our given window, your name will be entered, and you will receive an invite in your email. Included in the invite will be a questionnaire in which you can indicate the dates that you would be most available. We can’t guarantee that the dates will work for everyone, but will do everything in our power to uphold the needs of the group as a whole.

Additionally, expect to sign a liability waiver and model release form, as we may film some of our skiing.