Our warranty is reserved for the original purchaser who has purchased from WNDR directly or from an authorized third-party reseller ONLY. All warranty returns must be sent back to the point of purchase.  All warranty returns must be supported by a copy of the original proof of purchase or order number. If the original proof of purchase or order number cannot be provided or found internally, the warranty period will commence on the manufacturing date. 

If we have the means, we reserve the right to repair items prior to replacing them. Items will be repaired or replaced if, upon inspection by a member of our team, they are found to be defective in materials or workmanship.  Upon receipt of customer’s properly completed warranty claim forms, WNDR will review and, if approved, issue a RMA # to the customer. WNDR warrants products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase.

What is covered?  

  • Structure cracks on the top sheet, base, core or edge sidewall due to a manufacturing defect.
  • Delaminating of top or base, sidewall, edge, tip or tail due to a manufacturing defect.

What is NOT covered?

The lifetime of your ski or board is not dependent upon the amount of time it has been used. Instead, it depends on the specific actions taken by a user both during and in between uses. Damage can occur during your first day out on the mountain, or seasons later. 

WNDR Alpine skis and boards are built with maximum durability and performance in mind. However, no product is completely impervious to damage. The degree to which a ski or board is abused is out of our control in many situations. For this reason, the following issues cannot be covered under our warranty: 

  • Any problem resulting from impact, abuse or neglect, which includes but is not limited to: stump and/or rock damage to bases or sidewalls, cracked, chipped or delaminated tails from contact with concrete, as well as sliding, grinding or any other damage caused from banging your skis or your board against objects that are NOT made of snow (e.g., steel, wood, concrete, pavement, etc.) 
  • Cosmetic issues including top sheet chipping and/or tearing from crossing your tips or clacking your skis together on the lift, sun-faded top sheet graphics or sidewall and edge oxidation or rust.
  • Ski damage resulting from improper mounting of bindings, including the use of incorrect mounting hardware, or base dimples in the base resulting from improper mounting.
  • Damage caused by any modifications made to the ski or board.

For non-WNDR branded items, such as, skins or bindings, each warranty policy is dependent upon the brand.  If you have a warranty issue with another brand's product, please submit a warrenty claim here and we will reach out to the supplier on your behalf and help to resolve the matter in a timely manner.