Traditional Materials vs. AlgalTech®

Algal Wall: A More Stable Ride

New for the 21/22 season is the latest formulation of our Algal Wall - a biobased sidewall formulation implemented into our entire ski lineup.

Building upon the successes of the original Algal Wall, we’ve improved our formulation to offer better performance, and increased biobased content from 58.41% up to 67.89% by ASTM Standard D6866.

But what truly sets Algal Wall apart are its unique properties.

Compared to traditional materials, Algal Wall enables a ski construction that dramatically reduces chatter and rides better.

Better Damping for a Better Ski

Damping is defined as a material’s ability to absorb energy from an impact. In a ski, increased damping translates to a smoother, more stable ride on variable snow surfaces.

Through dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA testing), we can measure our material’s physical properties and compare them directly to traditional materials like ABS or petroleum-based PU.

Our latest Algal Wall formulation offers 21% better damping than our original Algal Wall, and 238% better damping than a traditional petroleum-based ABS sidewall. Ski harder on a sidewall that’s built for the job!

Energy Storage and Loss DMA. Results derived from internal testing.