Introducing LeStick

Throughout recent years in the backcountry, we have seen more and more skiers opting for extra long, extended grip poles, allowing them to vary up their hand positioning and of course, point at distant objectives to impress their partners. 

As your market leaders in biobased innovation, disemvoweling, and backcountry progression, we knew it was our responsibility to take this trend to its logical conclusion. Meet the 2 meter WNDR Alpine LeStick! 

Traditional poles just don't compare. Remote Secret Testing Lab, Salt Lake City, UT. Photo: Xan Marshland (@xanmarshland)

To take on bigger mountains, you’re going to need bigger ski poles. It’s a simple mathematical relationship that we’ve discovered through years of rigorous, empirical research. 

With LeStick, no detail was left up to chance. Beyond its best-in-class 2 meter length, LeStick comes packed with features that leave your traditional poles in the dust.


  • 2 meter rigid steel* core meets the rigors of all day, high alpine missions
  • Extended EVA foam grip enables more than 150cm of infinite hand placement variability 
  • Press-fit pole baskets enable easy swap out, depending on snow conditions
  • Seamlessly integrated whippet attachment 
  • Snow saw compatibility enables guides to assess cornices from a safe distance
  • Gatekeeper Mode™ allows you to fend off other skiers from snaking your line

FOWs Nick LeStick and Harrison Stickman put LeStick's wide range of features to use. Remote Secret Testing Zone, Wasatch Range, UT. Photo: Kevin Kinghorn (@kevinkinghorn)


Don't take our word for it. See what the best in the business have to say about LeStick:

“The WNDR Alpine LeStick is unparalleled in support and stability.”

- Nick LeStick, IFMGA Ski Guide & FOW

“No backcountry skier is properly equipped without LeStick.”

- Nikki Stanchion - Avalanche Forecaster & FOW

“I now require all my guests to carry LeStick.”

- Harrison Stickman - CSGA Guide & FOW