Performance backcountry skis built with 21st-century biotechnology, made to break down the barrier between you and your objectives.

Intention 110

From floating and frolicking through the trees, to exploring the nooks, crannies, and expanses of the backcountry, the Intention 110 transcends snow conditions on any day in the mountains. The combination of low weight, damping and maneuverability help you navigate complex terrain when the snowpack is unpredictable but also lets your inner powder pig squeal.

Intention Spectrum
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Reason 120

When your fantasies blend with reality, the ALL NEW Reason 120 emerges out of the crystalline ether of deep pow dreams and turns them into a real life experience of pure elation. In short, it’s a tool for the days we all wish for, and ‘the Reason’ we all pursue backcountry skiing.

Reason Spectrum
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Vital 100

The Vital 100 is your ski for diverse alpine conquests - a snappy & responsive tool for demanding situations where control is a requirement. Featuring a layup of our unique AlgalTech™️ ski materials.

Vital Spectrum
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Comparison chart for Reason, Intention, and Vital skis


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