Rise & Grind

There is something alluring about volcano skiing. The passive energy the mountains contain, the simple landscape, the vantage from the summit and the relative ease of ascent. 

The alpine moonscape persona protruding through the brushy undertones of the subalpine flora. Access to these wonders requires long and low incline approaches through heavily forested biomes before being presented with a gradual incline that progressively steepens to a pinnacle. The vertical rock spines twist and turn like elegant natural brush strokes on a matted rocky canvas. Once at the vertex, one gets a 360 degree view of valleys, rivers, lakes, and more often, other volcanoes in the distance that beckon the viewer's attention with their otherworldly appearance.  

So what better way to enjoy PNW volcanoes than to link them together, all under one’s own power? To artfully blur one summit into the next one, with bikes and trailers tying them together. To create an ongoing journey where, for weeks on end, the adventure only stops when you lie down to sleep... 

Well, it’s easier said than done. Rain, hail, injuries, and fatigue all came into play with this one, and the athletes that pulled this feat deserve our utmost respect. Hats off to you, Andy, Charlie, and Wyatt.