Spring Video Roundup

Enjoy our latest collection of WNDR Alpine content, here for your education and viewing pleasure! Whether you want to get to know our skis better, or if you’re curious about how we implement the capabilities of our unique technology platform into our products, there’s something here for everyone. 


Our Collaboration with Autodesk (4:51)

We use Autodesk’s Fusion 360 software to design skis across our lineup. Driven by a mutual appreciation for one another’s technology, we collaborated on this short video piece, which pulls back the curtain on our origin story and how we engineer our products. 


Tea Time With Matt Sterbenz (41:40)

While attending the Blister Summit earlier this year, we had the opportunity to talk through our ski lineup in more detail than ever before. For anyone who wants to learn everything there is to know about the Intention 110 and Vital 100, this is a must watch!


Next Generation Materials at the Blister Summit (1hr 5m)

Continuing on the theme of the Blister Summit, our CEO Charles Dimmler spoke with a handful of outdoor industry innovators, including our friends at Flylow and MountainFLOW eco-wax. If you've ever wondered about the vast potential of the microalgae-derived materials you find in our skis, this one's for you.


Brand Building Panel at the Blister Summit (1hr 49m)

We also got the chance to participate in a panel of outdoor industry experts who have launched their own brands.


Pep Fujas on the Blister Summit Athlete Panel (1hr 15m)

On another panel, Pep laid out stories and anecdotes about his long career as a pro athlete, alongside Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and Elyse Saugstad. 


Rise & Grind (27:58)

Andy Cochrane, Charlie Hagan, and Wyatt Roscoe went on a brutal, seven-volcano bike-to-ski mission in the PNW. Follow along on the adventure of a lifetime.