Why the snowy owl?

Inspired by sightings on ski tours deep into the backcountry of Interior BC, the snowy owl symbolizes the magic and awe of the alpine experience. Light and agile, yet powerful, we think it’s a fitting metaphor for the products we create. Learn More.

What’s different about WNDR Alpine’s materials?

The outdoor industry has long been restricted to materials that aren’t purpose-built for use in technical outdoor gear. And the vast majority of them come from environmentally harmful resources.

Using the power of biotechnology, we’re unlocking new materials with improved performance characteristics. Using Checkerspot’s unique biotechnology platform, we’re building better materials, with better performance properties for use in alpine products. The icing on the cake: we derive these materials from microalgae - a renewable, biological resource.

Why are microalgae so special?

Microalgae are one of the oldest forms of life on Earth, having existed for literally billions of years. In fact, all higher plants evolved from microalgae.  Over these billions of years, some microalgae developed the ability to produce large amounts of oil. We can use this pristine oil to create a wide range of new materials - using biology, chemistry, and materials science along the way to reach novel performance characteristics.

Microalgal oils also have an extremely low impact in terms of land and water use, and carbon footprint, as we can produce large amounts of it with very few inputs.

How do you grow your microalgae?

We grow them in stainless steel fermentation tanks. Picture your local microbrewery, but with more scientists. :)

Where is WNDR Alpine equipment manufactured?

We develop our materials in the Checkerspot laboratory facility in Berkeley, California. Then we design, test, and manufacture our products incorporating these materials at our Design Lab in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Are your skis gender-specific?

Nope. They’re designed to be unisex, offered in a variety of lengths, with a large sweet spot underfoot for a variety of different skier types and skiing styles. Consult our size chart and/or get in touch with us at hello@wndr-alpine.com to find your perfect fit.

How do I start a return or an exchange?

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How do I become an ambassador?

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