Intention vs Vital: Which Ski is For You?

Now in our second year, we’ve released the newly updated Intention 110 and debuted the Vital 100, both of which we’ve equipped with our own biobased materials, designed for heightened on-snow performance. 

With more skis in the lineup, we’ve been fielding more questions from skiers like you, asking us which ski will best suit them. For many, the easy answer has been geographically centered, or more simply, “both!” 

But the two skis have been designed with distinct personalities and strengths, and you may still be on the fence. So if you must pick one, let’s dive in on the selection process in detail...

On Honesty and Aspiration

Where are you headed this season? Any trips planned outside your local snowpack or terrain? Or are you simply committing to outings in your own local terrain? 

Either way, it's important to make sure you have the equipment suited to the experience you desire. Teton Range, WY. FOW: Benny Schmitt and Pep Fujas // Photo: Carson Meyer (@carsonmeyerphoto)

Whatever your plan may be, it’s important to be true to the skier you are, the skiing you are able to access, and your true inclinations. For the few of us who have spent past lives working at ski shops, it's all too familiar when the skier who walks into the shop looking for the ski all the pros ride, only to find themselves exhausted and overpowered on their home terrain, wondering where it all went wrong.

So first off, think about what kind of skier you are and where you’ll want your setup to take you. The end result is a tool that’s more fun for where you’ll use it.

Second, keep in mind that both the Intention 110 and Vital 100 are skis that are purpose-built for versatility, from the way we shape the skis, to the unique, proprietary materials we put inside them. Plus, we’ve intentionally created some overlap in these skis’ capabilities. So if you’re on the fence between the two skis, know that both models excel in a wide range of situations. 


What kind of terrain do you most typically seek out? How do you want to ski it?

Pep Fujas soars effortlessly aboard the Intention 110. Teton Range, WY. Photo: Carson Meyer (@carsonmeyerphoto)

If you’re looking for an all around, daily driver to do it all - be it deep powder, hardpack, or dust on crust - the Intention 110 won’t let you down. And if you’re specifically looking for a tool for dropping cliffs and floating your way down pillows, the nimble floatation the Intention offers is just the ticket. If this is the case, consider pairing your Intentions up with a set of burlier touring bindings, like the Shift, Kingpin, or Duke PT. Custom binding mounting is available for no additional charge when you add skis and bindings to your cart!

For outings where precision and maneuverability is key, Jack Stauss reaches for the Vital 100. Wasatch Range, UT. Photo: Carson Meyer (@carsonmeyerphoto)

On the other hand, maybe you’re more about big walks to high peaks. On the way down, you’ll be threading the needle between exposed rocks and wiggling your way through tight chokes. If this is the case, the precision-built Vital 100 is your ski. Use it like a scalpel and ski with confidence. 

If fast, precise, and light is indeed the name of the game, the Vitals will be well suited to a minimal touring binding like the MTN Pure or Alpinist. If your style crosses over more into the "freeride on firm snow" category, you might consider a mid-weight binding like the Kingpin M-Werks, or even the burlier bindings listed above. 

As a side note, keep in mind that terrain is a great way to determine which camber profile to select. If you’re looking for a deep dive on which camber profile of a given ski is best for you, click here

Local Snowpack

How much fresh snow will be on the ground where you’re planning to ski, and how frequently will you get a refill?

Our own backyard of the Wasatch receives plenty of fresh, dry pow, but we don't experience the consistent storm cycles of the Pacific Northwest. Photo: Carson Meyer (@carsonmeyerphoto)

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where storms tend to be frequent and heavy (looking at you, BC and the greater PNW), the wider footprint and added floatation of the Intention 110 will make it the obvious choice. Those who spend their days in shallower continental snowpacks will be more likely to gravitate towards the Vital 100. 

But if your snowpack is A., intermediate, or B., unpredictable, you’ll have a slightly harder decision to make. If you’re on the fence, simply decide based on your desired terrain, as noted above. Keep in mind that even though it’s narrower, the gentle rocker lines on the Vital 100 enable it to float and plane with ease. Similarly, the optimized effective edge on the Intention 110 still makes it a formidable weapon in firm snow. It’s simply a question of where your priorities lie.


Naturally, seasonality is something that affects snowpack. To paint broad strokes, we think of the Intention 110 as our early season to midwinter ski, and the Vital 100 as our springtime specialist. For this reason, we focused the design of the Intention 110 on fast pivoting and easy floatation, and dialed the Vital 100 in for snappy responsive behavior on firm snow and spring corn. 

For many of us, the Vital 100 was the perfect ticket for milking a few more turns out of the end of last season. Banff, AB. FOW: Brandon Gulstene //  Photo: Marcus Baranow (@confessionsofaskibum)

What did we miss? We’re always stoked to answer questions and provide guidance. Reach out via email here or live chat with us via the tab on your left!