The 2022 WNDR Alpine Lineup

Alpine touring WNDR Alpine algae backcountry microalgae biomanufacturing freeride freetouring skiingThree shapes and two camber profiles, all with unique topsheet art by Teton dwelling Christian Johansen to designate each shape's individual personality. From talon-like edge hold to effortless gliding flotation, we've got you covered. Art: Christian Johansen (@crisp.gin // @cmjcmjcmj)

When creating WNDR Alpine, we had always dreamed of a three shape backcountry quiver - one that could handle anything from the highest, most consequential alpine lines in the late season sun, to variable top-to-bottom spines, to the softest and deepest mid-winter pillows imaginable. 

All three of these shapes would serve as vessels to bring new, never before seen materials to a community of backcountry skiers bent on pushing themselves further and expanding their horizons. Hard charging, innovative materials that enhance your ability to ski inspiring and creative lines under your own power, whether you’re embarking on your first year or your fifth decade in the backcountry. 

This season, the triad has been completed. Let’s take a tour...

Vital 100

“The Vital 100 is clearly a step above when it comes to how well it smooths out the harsh vibration of rough, firm snow conditions.” - Blister Review

Alpine touring WNDR Alpine algae backcountry microalgae biomanufacturing freeride freetouring skiing

As the narrowest shape in our quiver, the Vital 100 was created to hold an edge like a snowy owl's talon when thrown into the steep and firm, yet play and carve with joy when unleashed onto a wide open pitch of untracked snow. 

In its first season, the Vital 100’s unique abilities quickly set it apart, with reviewers and prototype testers alike naming it as one of the most predictable skis they’d used for conditions and terrain that were anything but predictable. 

East coasters, mountaineers, spring adventurers, and those that ski light on their feet on a narrower platform are all putting the Vital through its paces on their local terrain, only to reach the bottom eager to do an extra lap. 

We continue to offer the Vital in a Camber and more uniquely, in a Reverse Camber version. This rare yet diverse combination of 100mm waist and Reserve Camber is easily the most talked about pleasant surprise of all shape profiles we offer. 

The Vital’s geometry has proved to be a great choice for such a wide range of skiers that we want it to serve an even larger range of skiers than ever before. For the 2022 season, we’re offering the Vital in two new lengths - a 155 and a 162. Now, anyone from 4’8” and up can enjoy the sublime versatility, predictability, and overall joy of skiing the Vital 100. 

Intention 110

"In backcountry powder, I found the cambered Intention 110 to be lively when needed, whipping quick turns around tight trees. The ski was responsive, yet able to modulate depending on how hard it was pressured." - Wildsnow

Our original shape continues to impress. This is a ski you can grab on any given day, with a balanced feel that makes human powered pursuits a breeze in any soft snowpack. The Intention’s lively feel and stiffer flex, combined with its vibration-deadening construction, creates an intuitive platform with a top speed that may surprise you. Mount it up with a light tech binding for an all day ascent machine, or put something burlier on to create an unshakable big mountain touring setup. 

We got so much praise for the original Intention and the 20/21 ski that we weren’t about to ruin a good thing. Instead, we kept the geometry and camber profiles locked in, and focused on ways to boost descending performance and user-friendliness. We added our latest update to the Algal Wall formulation to increase impact resistance, damping, and increased biobased content, and then rounded things out with a simple and functional tail block notch for tail clips. 

The Intention 110 is available in Camber and Reverse Camber configurations in 164, 171, 178, 185, and 192cm lengths. 

All-New Reason 120

It's a pleasure to unveil the deep powder tool I'll be skiing day-in day-out this season!" - Pep Fujas 

Alpine touring WNDR Alpine algae backcountry microalgae biomanufacturing freeride freetouring skiing

And brand new for the 2022 season, we’ve got the widest, most fun loving addition to our quiver: the Reason 120. This ski is a purpose-built shape for getting the most out of every natural terrain feature you find. With plenty of rocker at both ends, evenly flexing tips and tails, and a playful mount point, it floats and planes with ease through deep powder, encouraging creativity anywhere you take it. Despite its powder-focused geometry, the materials inside the Reason allow it to be driven hard even when there isn’t a foot of fresh. Early prototype testers came away amazed at how comfortable they were on the ski in mixed conditions, with FOW Harrison Brickman saying, “I’m happy to have it under my feet for just about anything short of a giant slalom race.”

Pep and the Design Lab spent two seasons dreaming up the Reason, making prototypes, and testing them. "Bringing a dream to fruition is always best when it results in other peoples’ smiles. We can’t wait to share that joy with you." - Pep Fujas

The Tool for You?

In total, we have created three shapes, two camber profiles, and 30 unique skis to choose from. Every ski features the most refined palette of performance-focused biomaterials

Now’s the time to turn your focus inward, and begin to think about what you want out of your next season... 

What are your aspirations? Where will your new backcountry tools bring you next? We want to hear from you!