Introducing Alex Andrews

Kenai Fjords, AK. FOW: Alex Andrews // Photo: Sean Black (@seanblack.seanblack), @blackkoles

Alex Andrews is an icon in the snowboarding scene. From his performance on camera to his splitboarding exploits across the globe, Alex is a fun seeker and DIY innovator to the core. Thanks for becoming part of our story, Alex!


So… You’re not really known for being a skier are you?

That’s correct. Although I truly admire and appreciate skiing, I’m a snowboarder through and through. I have been standing sideways and surfing the earth since I was 6 years old. My love for snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and being in the outdoors has defined my entire life so far. 

Snowboarding and its culture drew me in at a young age; I was borderline obsessed. As soon as I could, I started working in a small snow and skate shop in my hometown Ogden, Utah. I was 14 at the time, working hard and riding as much as possible. 

As I progressed as a rider, I had the opportunity to become a professional athlete for a major brand. This experience taught me so many valuable lessons and I was able to use my creativity to develop video parts and brand marketing. This also gave me the opportunity to travel the world, explore new places, and gain new friendships. Eventually, I transitioned into a new role that allowed me to travel even more while building communities around the brand and snowboarding. I had the privilege of developing grassroots programs, initiatives, and relationships between small business owners and the brand. Most recently, I managed top tier athletes and ambassadors who are breaking down barriers and contributing to the evolution of our sport by bringing more inclusivity and diversity to the outdoor culture. I’m grateful for all the support I’ve had over the years and want to stay true to my roots. 

To this day it’s still a dream and I’ve enjoyed every second of this adventure. I can’t wait to continue this ride with WNDR! 

What will you be doing at WNDR? 

First off, I’m beyond hyped to be working alongside everyone at WNDR. It’s truly an inspiring brand to be part of and I’m honored to join the movement! My role as Snow Product and Marketing Manager is to develop a new snowboard line (alongside an incredible team of engineers and product innovators). 

What is truly special about this opportunity is that I now have the ability to work alongside biologists, polymer chemists and engineers to work with materials derived from microalgae with backcountry snowboarding in mind. 

For decades, petroleum has been a key ingredient in materials across the outdoor industry and the world at large. With microalgae, the sky's the limit. Not only is it a renewable resource, but we can use it to enhance the material building blocks to purpose build products that perform better. 

You can refer to me as Bill Nye the Science Guy from here on out - I even have a lab coat! All jokes aside, having the ability to make a change in the way we use materials for products is exciting and necessary for the future of our sport and culture. I’m excited to build a community of athletes and activists who believe in our mission as well.

"Bill Nye" dives right in. Salt Lake City, UT. FOW: Alex Andrews // Photo: Pep Fujas (@pepfujas)

What kind of equipment excites you the most? Any particular setup preferences or quirks? 

Splitboards excite me the most these days. I run a pretty standard setup, though I do run a positive stance meaning that my front and back foot are angled forward. I think this helps with turning and style especially in powder. 

Splitboards are the best way, in my opinion, to discover the backcountry. Walking around the mountains, exploring terrain, taking in the elements, all while earning your turns with your crew, is worth its weight in gold. I love gear and like to have all the right things so aside from my actual setup I nerd out setting up my backcountry pack so I’m prepared for any situation.

Better backcountry tools. Kenai Fjords, AK. FOW: Alex Andrews // Photo: Sean Black (@seanblack.seanblack), @blackkoles

What do you seek out of the backcountry? 

The freedom and access of the backcountry evokes a sense of clarity and presence that is incomparable to anything else I’ve ever experienced. I love how humbling and rewarding the backcountry can be. I really value the effort you have to put in. I look at it as a quality over quantity experience while chasing fresh lines! 

Toeside freedom. Kenai Fjords, AK. FOW: Alex Andrews // Photo: Sean Black (@seanblack.seanblack), @blackkoles

Tell us about one of your favorite recent backcountry memories. 

This past winter? A highlight of this past winter was a trip to explore Cooke City, Montana with a couple buddies. I spent 5 nights in my van, with temperatures averaging -10 degrees. The snow was deep, steep, stable and cold - perfect conditions to tackle some bigger lines. We toured everyday in the wilderness riding amazing terrain. 

One of the more notable days was setting out to ride a big couloir named Abiathar. This was near the end of the trip, and my mind and body were exhausted from the days prior. We started at 5 am towards this beast of line and that’s when it all set in that I love this process so much. 

The motto of the trip was “Maintain.” You have to when you’re out in the backcountry with no service, limited water and food. It’s truly exhilarating, and the reward is worth it. That trip really solidified my desire to continue learning, exploring and growing in the backcountry. I can’t wait to go back.

Kenai Fjords, AK. FOW: Alex Andrews // Photo: Sean Black (@seanblack.seanblack), @blackkoles

Tell us about your nickname. What’s a froth puppy and how can I become one?

Great question… Well, I, the froth puppy, need snow like most humans need oxygen… [laughs]. I like riding powder or what I like to call Froth or Deep Neige… I love the feeling of riding down a blank canvas of fresh snow I always have and I always will! 

I came up with an acronym for F.R.O.T.H (For Rippers Out There Hyped). It’s just for fun, and ultimately that led to my friends calling me The Froth Puppy. You can definitely become a part of the froth squad. It's an elite group of individuals. Send your resume to Froth Worldwide and I’ll have my associates review it! [laughs]

For those who aren’t in the know, what’s the Freedom Frontier? 

The Freedom Frontier is an off the grid cabin that my good friend Chris Grenier and I purchased together about 5 years ago. We both had a vision for a place where we could connect and disconnect with our friends and family. It’s really special to me for a number of reasons but most importantly we are able to spend time with friends and family without current day distractions. We hand-built a concrete skatepark, mountain bike trail, as well as a rope tow in the winter for snowboarding. It’s been such a fun place to escape to and manifest our dreams. I love spending time up there to collect my thoughts and enjoy the moment.

Freedom Frontier mid pour // Photo: Pat Fenelon @patfenelon)

Why WNDR? 

WNDR’s commitment to creating a better product for the future of ski and snowboarding and beyond is extremely important and inspiring to me. Everyone at this brand is thinking outside the box and willing to push the status quo. WNDR’s commitment to reduce the usage of petroleum-based products strikes a chord with me. I’m really excited to be on the forefront with creative and motivated people to push the boundaries of what is possible with pure intention and integrity to make a meaningful difference in the outdoor experience. I couldn’t be more stoked to be a part of this movement towards a brighter future. 


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