Your Gear Questions Answered

Author: Pep Fujas, FOW
Our skier service wizard, Jeremy Handly (@jhandly), looking majestic in his natural environment. Millcreek Canyon, Utah. Photo: Chris Whitaker (@kh.chris)

Are you preparing for the winter season?  Wiping the dust off your rock skis, cleaning out the cobwebs from your boots, maybe giving them the old sniff test to see if time away from your mangy feet may have allowed your foot bacteria to perish?  Maybe you are looking for a new pair of skis, searching for the perfect gift for a backcountry lover. Or maybe you’re evaluating the tradeoffs between full mohair, full nylon or blended skins?

Let’s face it.  We are not all experts when it comes to season preparation.  We all have slightly different needs, different aspirations and different goals.

Luckily, we have an in-house expert at WNDR Alpine HQ who is ready and willing to field any of your questions related to skis, bindings, skins, poles, or where to mount and how to tune your skis.  

Jeremy is his name and skier centric customer service is his game.  

Jeremy grew up on the east coast in Rutland, Vermont bashing gates at Pico and Killington, so you know he likes a sharp pair of boards. He migrated to Salt Lake before the millennium chasing “the greatest snow on earth” and later stayed to attend the University of Utah, so you know he’s brilliant. He's been exploring the Wasatch ever since. When Jer's not slashing turns in the Wasatch, he’s carving up the canyons on his ‘76 CB750 (weather permitting that is).

Skiing and motorcycles go hand in hand for Handly. East Canyon, just outside SLC.

Even though he’s available to help in any way he can, he unfortunately won’t be able to give your boots the sniff test, at least until we implement VR sniff chat in 2053. Until then, Jeremy is ready and willing to help you with your most pressing ski related questions to help you dial in your setup.

Jeremy on the clock. Little Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Range, Utah. Photo: Chris Whitaker (@kh.chris)

Having issues selecting your perfect ski length? Hung up on the classic Camber vs. Reverse Camber question? Wanna talk about skiing? We’d love to chat with you. 

Click the chat icon just to the left there and introduce yourself to Jeremy.