Salomon Shift Crampons

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Let's be honest, more times than not, you never have the perfect uptrack.  It's either too steep, off camber and/or too firm.  Salomon has you covered with their plug & play crampons for either the Salomon or Atomic Shift binding.  The aluminum & stainless steel material adds minimal weight, and mounting the crampons is a breeze, as they easily slide in from the side.  The clever axle design centers the crampon without the need for the plastic clip that is included with the MTN bindings. Plus, the crampons are color coded; black is the 100mm width and blue is the 110mm width.



  • 100mm - 108g
  • 120mm - 112g

Inner Width:

  • 100mm - 105mm
  • 120mm - 125mm