Marker Duke PT 16 Binding

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Looking for a binding that can do it all, whether in or out of bounds?  Look no further than to the Marker Duke PT, your "one quiver" binding for resort AND backcountry domination.  Coming into its second season on the hill, the Duke PT, with its pin-tech (hence PT) toe, offers efficiency and weight savings (over traditional frame bindings) on the up track.  A din-rated toe and heel, allow for safe and strong retention and superb power transfer on the down.  Offered in either a 12 or 16 din option, so you're covered no matter what your size or ski ability is.  

The 100mm brake will accommodate the Vital 100, Intention 108 and 110.  The 125mm brake is necessary for the Reason 120.


  • Ride & Hike Toe - The combination of downhill performance and release functionality with pin-technology for strong uphill performance. 
  • Anti Ice Rail - Use the metal rail to scratch off ice and snow below your boot sole. 
  • Sole.ID Technology - 100% boot-compatibility: Alpine, Touring and GripWalk soles.
  • Auto Quad Lock Technology - 4-point self locking toe part.
  • Lock & Walk Brake - Including neutral walking mode and 10° climbing aid.
  • Inter Pivot 3 Freeride Heel - The newest generation (16 din only).
  • Magnesium heel housing - For superior stability & light weight (16 din only).


  • Boot Type: MultiNorm Adult Compatible - Alpine (ISO 5355 A), Touring (ISO 9523) & GripWalk (ISO 23223 A)
    • Tech inserts required for hike function.                          
  • Brake width: 100mm  (will accommodate up to 110mm) or 125mm
  • DIN range: 6.0 - 16.0
  • Rec. skier’s weight: 130+ lbs.
  • Stand height: 24 mm
  • Toe system: Ride & Hike Toe
  • Gliding AFD: Stainless steel
  • Heel: Inter Pivot 3
  • Color: Black/Gunmetal/Blue
  • Uphill weight (per pair): 2100 g  
  • Downhill weight (per pair): 2700 g