BelleAire - 2024
BelleAire - 2024
BelleAire - 2024

BelleAire - 2024

Stable | Dependable | Predictable

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“The BelleAire offers a rare on-snow personality, with exceptional edge hold and very respectable stability when on edge. It excels in powder but still handles chop and variable snow quite well, in large part due to its notably damp/non-chattery construction.” - Blister

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The newly updated BelleAire is here to satisfy your love for the downhill. Inspired by its split sibling in shape, this board is for those seeking a different high. Whether you’re tackling your favorite side hits, fresh groomers, or holstering the board to your back on the deepest of days, the BelleAire’s purpose-built biobased materials increase damping and stability while keeping the weight low and the froth tanks full. A mid-wide waist, medium side cut, and directional camber allow this board to arc big turns with confidence, while maintaining effortless floatation and edge hold at speed.  Life is Belle!

    • Lengths: 148, 152, 156, 159, 164 cm
    • Radius: 7.8 m @ 156 cm
    • Weight: 3000 g @ 156 cm
    • Flex: Stiffer nose and tail to reduce tip and tail chatter with a medium flex between stance for energy transfer edge to edge
    • Profile: 5mm Directional Camber with Slight early rise in nose
    • Core Layout: Algal Core - Vertically laminated, domestically sourced aspen with 4 algal polyurethane foam stringers, tip to tail
    • Sidewall: Algal Wall - Seamless semi cap Algal PU sidewall. Designed to increase damping and stability
    • Artist: Cody Comrie
    • Designed, developed, tested and assembled in Salt Lake City, Utah

    2023 WNDR BelleAire

    Life is Belle!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Seth M.

    I just purchased a brand new Belleaire and I am so stoked! I first visited the SLC store a week ago, and Xan was so helpful in explaining the story behind WNDR Alpine and showing me around. I followed that visit up a week later and Alex dialed me up a sweet new Belleaire and new Union bindings. His expertise made it easy for me to pick the right set up and I am so thankful for his guidance and patience. Thank you WNDR Alpine, you guys having something special brewing in SLC! Cheers

    Robertson Pearce
    Bomber, durable, and very versatile

    I purchased my Belleair at the start of the season and have so far taken it out around 20 times in the Wasatch, Sierra, and Southern California Mountains. This board seems happiest bombing descents in all snow conditions but is surprisingly versatile, shining equally on groomers and steep off piste runs. It isn't the best in tight trees but it can still do well if you muscle it around. Float in powder is good but not as outstanding as a powder specific board. It has a wonderful dampness to the ride quality that makes blasting through chewed up powder or beat up late afternoon groomers an absolute hoot. The board is also proven very durable so far with minimal scratches after several days out in low tide conditions early season. Overall, I’ve found it to be an awesome more freeride oriented board that is still loads of fun in more mellow terrain, and it is a solid contender for a one board quiver.


    I've ridden most of the top boards in this category from the top and niche brands over the last couple years and I just cannot get off your board. It rails turns better than any "carving" board I have, pops better than my park board, floats well enough to rival my powder boards too. Anyway, just want to say well done and thank you. Great work made domestically is hard to come by. Thankful for you and your example, but mostly for that board.

    Dirty Joe
    Swiss Army Knife

    If you're looking for a board to grab no matter the conditions. Look no further. Powder‚ Groomers‚ Spring corn‚ or Icy. Wouldn't be the first choice for in the park but it definitely can hang especially in the transitions and bigger features. The aggressive camber profile keeps those edges dug in on hardpack days and the rocker in the nose helps this hog float when your wearing your snorkle on those DEEP days. Edge to edge feels very responsive, quick and most importantly stable thanks to that medium-stiff flex. Previously I was riding a United Shapes Cadet for over 5 seasons (275+ days) Can't wait to put even more days on this piece of snow surf science the fellas at wndr cooked up in the SLC lab. And I'll be back for another after this one's totally thrashed. The top sheet is made of a textured material which is great for shedding snow and keeping that light board even lighter on the lifts. It's also great for shedding stickers so leave those stickers you got in the shoebox, under your bed and let that beautiful top sheet do the talking. What are you doing still reading this post? Add it to the cart and checkout already

    Michael Luciani
    Love this board!

    It's perfect! Lightweight, flexible, great on powder, and just feels sharp. This board wants to go fast and feels smooth as butter to ride. Highly recommend.