Video: Adam Clark (@acpictures)



Kenai Fjords, AK. Photo: Sean Black (@seanblack.seanblack @blackkoles)

Snowboarding is in my soul.. My life path has been driven by this entrenchment and the art of surfing the earth. It has brought me my greatest highs and lowest lows while remaining my life’s best teacher.

One cold night in 1995, I stepped foot on my first snowboard at a place called Powder Mountain. That moment in time has shaped my life’s journey. From working at a snow and skate shop at an early age to becoming a professional athlete for Burton Snowboards, I’ve spent my life chasing and living this dream since that formative cold night.

Snowboarding culture has provided me with many opportunities and lessons that I’m beyond grateful for. It’s taught me how to persevere and overcome challenges, be a kind and open minded person, it’s opened my creativity, and showed me that pouring passion, and a strong work ethic into something is the best recipe for happiness and success. I’m most grateful for the relationships and community that snowboarding has brought to my life. I pride myself on these long lasting friendships that ultimately fuel and inspire me daily.