Berthoud Pass, CO - March 22nd, 2024 - WNDR Outpost

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Hey Colorado Friends,

Wipe your schedule, grab a sitter for the kids, ditch school or do what you need to do to come tour with us in the backcountry surrounding Berthoud Pass.  Join Pep Fujas, veteran skiier along with local Friends of WNDR Dan Crist and Roger Carter on a sun up to sun down outing to get our community together and have a hoot!


  • 6 person max group size.  2 total spots available.
  • Meeting location, time and gear list will be provided a week prior to the event to registered participants.
  • Simply add to cart and check out to register - it's free!

Participation Criteria

  • Must have WNDR Alpine Skis or Splitboard
  • At least 2yrs or 30+ days exclusively in the backcountry
  • Proficiency Level - Advanced to Expert