Marker Kingpin/Alpinist Pintech Crampons

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In an area where sometimes conditions are less than ideal on the skin track?  Let's be honest, most times out, you never have the perfect uptrack where ever you're at.  Marker has you covered with their plug & play crampons for either the Kingpin or Alpinist binding.  The aluminum material adds minimal weight, and can be easily attached or removed while you're still clipped into the binding.  They also provide minimal friction when gliding forward and offer optimal grip on firm or icy snow.  



  • 95g @ 105mm
  • 100g @ 120mm


  • Crampon width 105 mm = Ski width 90 - 105 mm
  • Crampon width 120 mm = Ski width 105 - 120 mm

Material: Anodized aluminum