Reason 120 - 2024
Reason 120 - 2024
Reason 120 - 2024
Reason 120 - 2024
Reason 120 - 2024

Reason 120 - 2024

Playful & Inspiring

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"WNDR Alpine's widest ski is one that, unsurprisingly, really shines in deep conditions, but with a level of adaptability that is rare among ~120mm-wide skis." - Blister

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The Reason 120 is our widest shape, designed for flotation first and foremost, but with plenty of materials science wizardry up its sleeve to excel in many environments. Its medium flex, tighter sidecut, and smooth rocker profile integrate beautifully with our stability-enhancing Algal Core and Algal Wall, creating a buoyant backcountry tool that’s deceptively capable in a wide range of snow conditions. 

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    • Lengths: 170, 177, 184, 191 cm
    • Dimensions (Tip-Waist-Tail): 147-120-136 mm
    • Radius: 20m @ 184 cm
    • Weight (per ski): 2100g @ 184 cm
    • Flex: Progressive - The tail begins with a medium to stiff flex, transitioning to stiffer through the mid section and decreasing gradually toward the tip. This flex pattern creates a solid platform for stability in the tail and underfoot while the medium tip flex handles crud and variable conditions with ease. Because of its girthy nature and inkling for softer snow, the Reason 120’s flex does feel slightly softer than both the Intention and Vital since the flex is dispersed more throughout the wider platform.
    • Camber Profile: Camber - for versatility, greater edge contact on piste and a more traditional feel | Reverse - for the ultimate in playful, off-piste float, charging and pivotability
    • Intended Use: Deep powder, pillows, playful and creative skiing
    • Artist: Christian Johansen
    • Designed, developed, tested and assembled in Salt Lake City, Utah

    2023 WNDR REASON 120

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Boon H
    SKI LENGTH (CM): 184
    People will ski this ski and say “hell yeah”

    Thursday: pick up my Reason 120s, mounted with kingpins, and skins thanks to the fringe sale

    Friday: cut my hair into a mullet

    Saturday and Sunday: rip the new sticks around Baker during one of the last storms of the season.

    These skis are so much fun. They can lock into all sorts of turn shapes thanks to the reverse camber. They pivot, slash, but also can take massive turns down steep lines. The short(er) turn radius for this ski makes a huge difference in how easy they are to maneuver. I’ve ridden other skis with similar shape that feel like a chore to swing around, these on the other hand are super intuitive. I feel like they maneuver just as well as my 104 touring skis, but float much better. They aren’t really that heavy either, did a few full days of touring on them, like 7-8 hours, and they’re fine. Like sure they’re heavier than a 100mm ski, but these also ski much better than that ski. I haven’t skied them in true bottomless snow yet but I’m super excited to. I have skied them on some very firm wind-buffed snow on a steep slope and again they just were so easy to ski on. It was not what I expected from a 120 mm ski, but I’m super happy about it!

    Really the only limitation I’ve found is that due to the closer to center mount point, they were sometimes tricky for me on steeper switchbacks. But I think that’s more to do with the fact that I’m shorter and got the 184. I don’t regret it though bc they ski so well.

    I even was trying to channel my inner Pep with some 180s off some lil backcountry kickers in the baker side country.

    Great ski, can’t wait to keep rippin em. I think this ski will be in my quiver for years to come.

    Boon, you LEGEND! Absolutly psyched to hear about your weekend, we're glad to be a part of it. Keep treading light and charging hard, we'll see you out there!

    ATE THAT S*** UP!

    I demoed the 177 Reverse Reasons, and it was a revelation. For the first time ever, I truly felt like I was effortlessly surfing the earth on skis. I unexpectedly hit a jump straight into moguls and seamlessly maneuvered out of them, thanks to the wide platform that effortlessly absorbed whatever I threw at it. I glided through tighter trees with unprecedented ease. Despite their slightly heavier feel compared to my usual go-to, the Vital 98s, I discovered that this slight extra weight actually became an advantage, especially on the groomers. The stability they provided allowed me to carve with an unparalleled grip, which was new for me on a reverse camber ski. I know what I'm adding to my quiver this year!

    Yujin B
    Reasons in Hokkaido

    I was happy with the performance of the Reason 120 RC during a trip to Hokkaido. Float was outstanding as one would expect and manoeuvrability was highly impressive for a +2kg, 184cm ski. Unsurprising for a ski that was said to be developed/tested in Japan. The option of being able to order reverse camber is a huge drawcard to WNDR Alpine and a natural pairing for this ski.

    Happy with the recommended mount point and overall flex. Possibly a bit more flex in the front end could be beneficial. The tail feels supportive enough, keeping in mind Hokkaido powder is about as soft as it gets. I definitely wouldn't want to increase the sidecut as high manoeuvrability and being able to easily slash and pivot is one of these ski's key traits. Getting the ski down to 2000g would be a nice to have but I don't think that is critical as it skis lighter than it is.

    Lee Maurer
    Shredding Heaven: My Love Affair with the WNDR Reason 120 Reverse Camber

    Bought it for powder, can't pick up another ski.

    Let me tell you about the ride of my life – the WNDR Reason 120 Reverse Camber ski. This bad boy ain't just a pair of skis; it's a freaking revelation!

    Picture this: you're knee-deep in powder, and instead of fighting to stay afloat, you're gliding effortlessly like a boss. That's the Reason 120 for you – it's like it was born to surf those snowy waves, making every run feel like a powder paradise.

    When it comes to dodging trees, this ski is like a ninja on steroids. It slices through the thickest forest like it's nothing, giving you that rush of adrenaline as you zip through those tight gaps like a pro. Truly amazing how nimble this ski feels.

    And get this – even on hard-packed snow, this baby holds its own. Seriously, its a charger I was carving up those groomers like a hot knife through butter. It's got this insane grip that makes you feel like you're glued to the slope.

    I am on the 184 but wish I would have gone 191, 5’10.5 175

    In a nutshell, the WNDR Reason 120 Reverse Camber ski is my new ride or die, maybe even a one ski quiver for some. It's got everything – pow performance, tree agility, and hardcore carving chops. I'm telling you, once you go Reason 120, you never go back.


    It pains me to write this because I’ve been looking for a RC ski for a long time. And a local brand doing right by the environment. Sign. Me. Up.

    I remember back to the volkll ones of yester-years. The way they could pivot, slide, slash and still rip. I truly thought this ski would harken that feeling on snow again.

    Sadly it didn’t. And it didn’t even come close.

    My specs: 6’3, 183 lbs, expert, home mtn: Bird. Past ski: moment Bibby/Wildcat for 10 yrs

    I bought the 191 RC with shifts. 2 weeks in Japan and days in LCC. This ski felt long, cumbersome and sluggish. I found it to have lackluster slide, drift and surf capability. Something I never thought I’d say about a reverse camber ski. This ski prefers to be skied slightly more from the arch or heel, tail gunning if you will.

    I have progressive mounts on all my skis. But as said above, it just felt slow and heavy. Something closer to a 2400g ski. It’s just not for me, but I’m so glad that everyone else is loving it. I truly respect and admire what wndr is doing with the tech, and hope every brand follows in their footsteps.

    5 stars on tech, build, etc. Algae is as good as gold.

    3 Stars on the RC. For my taste, I wish it had more rocker to truly surf. And I do actually surf, finding that feeling is hard with skis. But I get that they want it to tour more traditional.

    If you’re on the fence about RC v Camber though, dont overthink it. You prob won’t notice a huge difference touring or skiing. So try something new.