Shepherd - 2024
Shepherd - 2024
Shepherd - 2024

Shepherd - 2024

Lively | Precise | Nimble

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“My dream board for dream lines has finally come to life!” - Nick Russell

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The Shepherd is your tool and spiritual guide for big mountain endeavors. Developed by Nick Russell, this board shares the same shape and dimensions as its split counterpart. Utilizing purpose-built biobased materials derived from microalgae oil to increase damping, stability and confidence while in the high alpine. Our Algal Core and Algal Wall allow this board to flow naturally through any mixed terrain that you may find. Its deep sidecut, taper, and directional camber enable responsive edge hold on steeper terrain, and maintain power and energy in deep snow. Set your line and let it ride with the Shepherd. 

    • Lengths: 150, 154, 158, 162, 166 cm
    • Radius: 7 m @ 158 cm
    • Weight: 2900 g @ 158 cm
    • Flex: starting at the nose, the flex profile transitions from stiff to medium throughout the board's stance. The tail's flex retains stiffness as the board tapers, enhancing stability in critical situations.
    • Profile: 5mm Directional Camber with slight early rise in nose
    • Core Layout: Algal Core - Vertically laminated, domestically sourced aspen with 4 algal polyurethane foam stringers, tip to tail
    • Sidewall: Algal Wall - Seamless semi cap Algal PU sidewall. Designed to increase damping and stability.
    • Artist: Cody Comrie
    • Designed, developed, tested and assembled in Salt Lake City, Utah

    2023 WNDR Shepherd

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Tim R
    Nice Ride

    The board was really nice and fun to ride...just hard to really see what it was all about at times as the sow was bad that day. We hadn't had much new snow for a bit and it was really hard to see what that board would be like in the conditions that we had that day....

    Aaron W
    WNDR Shepherd is winning!

    This board has been blowing my mind all season. It has an amazing and easy-to-ride shape. I've ridden my 162 solid shepherd in just about every type of snow condition this year, and it has exceeded my expectations each time. It's very fast as well as nimble edge to edge, and the big spooned nose just powers through crud and chopped up pow/snow with ease. This board just wants to turn - and it does so with grace and power, while also being very stable at speed. I have a lot of boards from a variety of brands and the shepherd 162 is ruling the quiver! Well done WNDR crew!

    Deep snow masterpiece

    This board is truly outstanding in deep and untracked. The large noise, deep side cut, set back stance and tapered tail help it float perfectly on top while letting the back sink down and cut perfect turns. It's quick and nimble when you need to stay lite on your feet but stable at speed when you want to open it up and lay down big flowing arcs. It's also very fun on groomers but if you are more inbounds the bellaire (less tapper more all around vibes) might be a better option as the taper on the Shepherd really likes to be home in the pow.... this is untracked perfection.

    Beautiful board, amazing control and just fun overall

    Love the brand, materials, and story that comes to life through this board. It rips everything I've put it on.

    Rails turns

    Super good side cut for laying into groomers. Stable at speed. Love the look and feel of this board.