BelleTour - 2024
BelleTour - 2024
BelleTour - 2024

BelleTour - 2024

Stable | Dependable | Predictable

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"Absolutely rails big-radius, high-speed turns." - Backcountry Magazine

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The newly updated BelleTour was developed for high peaks, big lines, pillow popping, and everything in between. This application of our biobased Algal Core and Algal Wall in a split provides symbiosis between you and your big mountain pursuits. A wider waist, slight swallowtail, and medium sidecut integrate to create a shape that floats and planes as well as it pivots. Designed to optimize stiffness and performance for both touring and descending, you’ll be tagging lines no matter the conditions.

    • Lengths: 148, 152, 156, 159, 164 cm
    • Radius: 7.8 sidecut with 10 mm of taper
    • Weight: 3200 g @ 156 cm
    • Flex: Stiffer nose and tail to reduce tip and tail chatter with a medium flex between stance for energy transfer edge to edge. Increased core profile height under touring brackets for stable uphill travel.
    • Profile: 5mm directional camber with early rise nose
    • Core Layout: Algal Core - Vertically laminated, domestically sourced aspen with 4 algal polyurethane foam stringers, tip to tail.
    • Sidewall: Algal Wall - Seamless semi cap Algal PU sidewall. Designed to increase damping and stability.
    • Hardware: Spark R&D latches and clips. Fixie clips, top-mount.
    • Artist: Cody Comrie
    • Designed, developed, tested and assembled in Salt Lake City, Utah
    • Pomoca Skin recomendations:
        Small: 148cm - 152cm, Medium: 152-159cm, Large: 164cm

    2023 WNDR BelleTour

    Life is Belle!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Robertson Pearce
    Versatile, dependable, and most of all fun!

    I have at this point taken the board out on about 10 tours in the Wasatch as well as the Sierra and Southern California mountains. Conditions have varied from blower pow to near spring like corn to icy firm windboard while tour lengths have varied from quick dawn patrols to all day epics. Going up it has excellent grip both through the skins and the edges when sidehilling. We have a lot of long approaches over firm sun and wind affected snow in California so grip on the firm stuff is crucial and the Belle’s shape and amount of taper really seem to help it to excel in this area. Going down, the faster and more open the run, the better. It can do tight trees but definitely not as fun and natural here as some other nimbler powder boards like the Shepherd (which I've ridden a fair amount). Between the shape, stiffness, and damping I've found myself bombing higher speed runs faster than ever before on this board, and it should be great for spring big objectives and Cascade volcanoes. It has good float in powder but not quite the amazing glide of a more powder specific board (no surprise there). In hand the board feels stout and dependable. I am really hard on my gear and this board has held up amazing thus far despite some unplanned encounters with rocks. Over all I am really stoked on this board; between the Belle for bigger/faster lines and the Shepherd for powder, low angle, and heavily treed runs WNDR has all your splitboard needs covered. Highly recommended!

    Jeffrey C
    One Board to Rule Them All

    The BelleTour definitely checked all the boxes for me and rides like a dream. This board has lots of float in deep powder and is super responsive when getting tight in the trees. It's a lightweight board that makes chasing big lines and long ascents much easier than my other split-boards. This board was solid all season long; it offers plenty of float, pop, and control.
    The flex profile made navigating back-country terrain seamless. I noticed less chatter descending wind blown slopes and plenty of play edge to edge when putting in big turns or slashing down the run-out on the way back to the car. Extra points for performing well in variable conditions and icy terrain! This board excels in powder and performs well late into the season, from cold night hikes to chasing corn on sunny days, I rode the BelleTour deep into the spring.

    Bonus Round: I love that the BelleTour and WNDR ALPINE are pushing the boundaries of material sciences in the ski industry. Algal-tech and renewable resources are wonderful!

    Dan Crist
    BelleTour = Jackknife of Splitboards

    The Belletour exceeds all expectations. Weather tackling powder, or challenging backcountry terrain with a wide range of conditions, this board maintains stability and responsiveness underfoot. The innovative use of the algal wall that delivers superior damping when riding, performs better than traditional materials hands down. Its construction doesn't compromise its performance; instead, it enhances the overall riding/touring experience. The board's edge hold, control, and maneuverability are exceptional!

    If you have been thinking about diving into the world of bio based riding, this is your non-petroleum based ticket in!


    Having gone through so many splits over the years, WNDR has raised the game with the BelleTour. My first full season on this split involved riding in every setting and condition imaginable: from the interior BC, to the Northeast, low-tide, deep pow, wet and heavy slabs, spring corn, steep couloirs, wind-scarred aspects, pillows, hucking cliffs, and catching slough. This board absolutely rips in all of it and truly excels no matter what you're facing. So much time and thought was obviously put into the shape, camber, and components, leaving me feeling extremely comfortable. It handled so well in particularly spicy no-fall zones with zero chatter, and transitioned into a smooth surfy board when those lines opened up. At the same time, it provides the pop that you need for virtually any feature in your line.
    I feel so fortunate to have the BelleTour as my go-to split.

    Sam Roil

    I'm midway through the first season on the belletour 164. I'm the large guy - 80kg, large outerwear, size 11 etc etc. I wasn't sure if the 64 would be too big but it's worked out perfect I think. I reckon I'm easily 10kg heavier with touring gear on so the upside from the 59 to 64 is nice.
    The board is super well behaved - enough of a nice big nose to float but still enough tail to pop off rollers too.
    It's a bit wider in the skin track than my other split (stranda shorty 164) so icy traverses are a bit trickier (but icy traverses suck anyway). I did have to get longer screws for my touring brackets (spark), as the inserts are set below the topsheet and there wasn't enough bite in the threads. Hardly a major though and spark did say they'd changed their brackets so not wndr's fault.
    Overall it's just a nice, well behaved board which is really what you want for your split - solid reliable and goes hard!