Shepherd Tour - 2024
Shepherd Tour - 2024
Shepherd Tour - 2024

Shepherd Tour - 2024

Lively | Precise | Nimble

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“Nimble yet calculated, the Shepherd moves me through the mountains with intent and purpose.” - Nick Russell

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Designed for the nomadic in nature, The Shepherd is a fine tuned extension of body and mind, a vehicle to express creativity in the wild. Its lightweight body is for those who want to reach the next ridge on the horizon while preserving energy for the descent. Couloirs, steep pitches and spines, the Shepherd inspires confidence in serious terrain, as well as adaptability wherever you may roam.. Directional camber, an early rise nose, deep sidecut, and a healthy dose of taper delivers a quick and nimble attitude to flow with the mountains and into the unknown. Equipped with our Algal Core and Algal Wall materials, you’ll also get excellent stability when it matters most. Break trail aboard the Shepherd and realize your destiny.

Spark R&D pucks are sold separately

    • Lengths: 150, 154, 158, 162, 166 cm
    • Radius: 7 m @ 158 cm
    • Weight: 3200 g @ 158 cm
    • Flex: starting at the nose, the flex profile transitions from stiff to medium throughout the board's stance. The tail's flex retains stiffness as the board tapers, enhancing stability in critical situations.
    • Profile: 5mm directional camber with slight early rise in nose
    • Core Layout: Algal Core - Vertically laminated, domestically sourced aspen with 4 algal polyurethane foam stringers, tip to tail.
    • Sidewall: Algal Wall - Seamless semi cap Algal PU sidewall. Designed to increase damping and stability.
    • Hardware: Spark R&D latches and clips. Fixie clips, top-mount.
    • Artist: Cody Comrie
    • Designed, developed, tested and assembled in Salt Lake City, Utah
    • Pomoca Skin size recommendations:
        150-154cm: Small, 158-162cm: Medium, 166cm: Large

    2024 Shepherd Tour

    Your Destiny Awaits

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    love them as much as we do.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Eric Porter
    Love this board

    I've been riding the Shepherd 166 for everything this winter, even in bounds at Snowbird, it's worked awesome for everything. I'm 6'3" and around 210lbs or so with gear, the 166cm feels like the right size, gets around in tight situations like a much shorter board but floats like the big dog it is. Holds and edge and carves well on hardpack too. In deep snow it works great slashing and riding surfy style, but doesn't have a problem pinning it either. For uphill, the camber puts good pressure on the tails for skin traction and moves nicely, I'm running the pomoca skins and Spark bindings with it. Really happy with this board and plan on riding it next year again!

    Brent Bourgeois
    Alpine Love

    Been riding the Shepherd tour this winter and this has been the best board I have ever ridden. The board has great dampening and camber to help remove heelside judder on the hard pack steeps, great float in powder and also does great when you wan to open it up. The uphill has been phenomenal as well. Durability has been holding up really well, with a solid base that is holding up to rocks and debris you hit when riding, while the edges hold up to the abuse from the uphill. I am 5'7", 155lbs, using a hardboot setup and have been on the 158. The board is nimble on tight steep lines and doesn't take a lot of effort to get from one edge to the next. Overall, this board has exceeded all my expectations and the customer service at Wonder Alpine has been amazing!

    Aaron W
    Shepherd 166 split

    I have taken my 166 split shepherd out 7 or so times and have been very happy with its performance. The first time taking it out was in thick wind buffed and variable alpine snow- it ripped full speed turns with complete edge control and confidence. It can maneuver with quickness and precision in the tight trees. This board seriously has your back in the backcountry. All in all, I am very happy with this board and stoked to support a company like WNDR alpine!

    Shayne Sandblom
    Best Splitboard Ever Made

    I'm not kidding when I say this is the best splitboard ever made. It truly is the ultimate backcountry, Swiss army weapon, designed and tested in part by one of the strongest backcountry stallions, Nick Russell. Super lightweight to start, plenty stiff to give you stability on the skin track as well as in variable downhill snow conditions, as well as the support to send big drops, tricks, and ride lightning fast. On top of this thing's adaptation to variable snow, the directionality, taper, and shape of the tips prevail above all else on those blower pow days, making you feel like you're surfing the best wave of your life ... all the time. It's also the most confident I've ever felt on a board in no-fall zones. The edge hold is razor sharp, and the agility is unmatched. The short stubby tail and lightweight construction make those death-defying jump turns as smooth as butter. Is there anything else I missed? Oh right, this thing also rips absolute trenches on the groomers if you ever think of taking it inbounds or getting the non-split version. And last but not least, it's a WNDR board, with virtually no petroleum footprint and groundbreaking algae innovation, so you'd be supporting a brand that's executing the best mission out of anyone else in the industry right now.

    Evan Stone
    High performance surfcraft regardless of the snow conditions

    Now that I have 40+ days on my shepherd in a massive variety of conditions from Mt. Hood, Oregon to Silverton, Colorado and between 50+ degree very firm riding to 20 degree happy blower pow tree riding I can strongly recommend this board for any snow conditions in any terrain. I have been particularly impressed with the shepherd in steep, firm riding where the slightest loss of control would create a slide for life situation. The shepherd has been butter smooth on firm snow where other boards have been much more chattery for me. The setback stance and tapered design makes no-fall jump turns quite comfortable while also providing that beautiful float we all dream about when it gets deep.

    I have also had this board out on overnights carrying 35+ pounds of gear for multiple days at a time and am pleased to say it skins very well from deep trail breaking to hair raising ski-crampon necessitating skinning. The setback stance makes kick turns a breeze and when it gets really steep a quick flick of the heel brings the tip right up without trouble. my 158 has been serving me well and I am psyched to add a 166 to the quiver for those extra drawn out surfy turns.