To elevate the mountain experience through materials that are derived from Nature.

Build equipment with materials derived from Nature that outperform the rest.

Empower alpine adventures with equipment that aligns with their appreciation and respect for nature.

And above all, to prove that when it comes to your gear, performance and sustainability don’t have to come at a sacrifice.

Our mission to do good is not an afterthought. It’s baked into who we are, the people we work with, and the products we create. That’s why from Day 1, we’ve existed as a Public Benefit Corporation, with our morals and purpose built into our operations, and of course, built into our products. (over image)


Composite materials of all kinds have existed in everything ranging from aircraft to bikes. And more recently, composites like carbon fiber have been repurposed by ski brands. Composites exist for a good reason, as they often do a great job of keeping weight low and strength high.

But we knew we could do better than what was currently available to the ski industry - both in terms of performance and sustainability. So we created our proprietary algal composite, which we use in the cores of our skis.

We created our algal composite as a way to boost performance. And in doing so, we’re constructing our skis using microalgae, a renewable, biological resource.



Resin: it’s the glue that holds your ski together. And in most modern skis, it makes up about a third of the ski’s weight.

A good ski resin holds the individual components of a ski together as it takes abuse season after season. The issue with traditional resins is that they  But what if there was a resin system that could hold the ski together for its entire lifetime, but could then be chemically reversed at the end of the ski’s life cycle?



We all like to own things. Especially when those “things” happen to be gear that accesses unforgettable days in the mountains. But for those of us that don’t want to collect even MORE gear - there’s a new way.

If you return your WNDR Alpine skis to us within three years of your purchase, we’ll take it back and safely recycle it, while taking care to reduce all possible environmental harm. And as a thank you for taking part in our program, we’ll give you 20% off on your next pair.

Think of it as subscribing to a new ski every few seasons. You can get a new pair of WNDR Alpine skis, with our latest materials and technologies, whenever you’re done with your old pair, without the added complication of collecting or reselling old skis.

We all love our gear. It’s what gets us up and down the mountain safely and catalyses unforgettable experiences

It also clutters our garages, basements, and closets,

We all can appreciate the value of owning less. So with any pair of skis you purchase from us, we’ll give you 20% off if you send it back to us within three years. Think of it as a subscription model.



Recycling is good, but it’s far from perfect.

The best products are designed with the end of their life cycle in mind.


Finally, we recognize that we’re not perfect. In doing so, we constantly analyze and evaluate our processes, making efforts every day to make our next move the right one.