Our crew are not our employees, they are family. We are committed to their physical, social and mental well-being. Our family members come from diverse backgrounds, are unique and lend their own creative ideas to improve and propel our business goals and values forward. Our health and wellness reimbursement program as well as access to health care keeps our bodies functioning and minds active. Company-wide meditations, early-morning ski tours and virtual or physical gatherings keep us grounded and connected to each other and the outdoors.


B Corp

As a Certified B Corporation, we are held to the highest standards in regards to social, environmental and corporate governance standards. Each year we are committed to improving our environmental footprint, our community and the bio-based content in our skis.


Our products are designed and built for the backcountry, therefore we feel the need to help create a responsible community by supporting education and safety by endorsing local organizations.

Local organizations we support:

Park City Professional Ski Patrol
Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
Wasatch Backcountry Alliance
Utah Avalanche Center

We align with these organizations because of their dedication to supporting backcountry skiers and their safety. We strongly believe that our continued support of these entities, and more in the years to come, will foster widespread backcountry education, safety and etiquette. Do you share our values? If so, we’d love to connect with you. Give us a shout!



Friends of WNDR [FOW] are a group of athletes, guides and industry legends that live by WNDR Alpine’s mission, vision and values. They represent the WNDR Alpine community.


In the Spring of 2020, we created an event called The Roost to celebrate our earliest adopters. The Roost celebrates the passion behind our products and the people who use our skis through an action-packed weekend of backcountry skiing, community events and an exclusive look behind the scenes. We passionately pursue increasing inclusivity and education in the backcountry skiing community.

Explore The Roost



Our planet deserves our respect, that’s why we make carbon footprint reduction a serious priority through the design, manufacturing, production, packaging, and shipping processes. Furthermore, we take responsibility for every product made by offering a return at the end of life policy.



All of our facilities are powered by 100% renewable energy. The gas provided by Dominion Energy comes from renewable natural gas [RNG] sourced from waste methane outputs from farms, organic matter, and landfills. Dominion Energy RNG is better than being carbon-zero and is actually carbon beneficial.

100% of our electricity to power operations is generated by solar panels in Millard County, Utah and provided by Rocky Mountain Power’s Solar Subscriber Program.



By introducing new materials derived from microalgae, we are replacing petroleum based products while simultaneously enhancing our skis performance.  These materials are able to challenge the weight and durability restrictions of incumbent materials while having a positive impact on our planet.  Creating new possibilities for backcountry ski performance while reducing our communal reliance on petroleum sounds like a win-win to us!



In 2020 we diverted roughly 1kg per pair of skis of excess, dimensional raw material from the landfill. Beyond requisite recycling of cardboard, plastic and aluminum, we are currently diverting post-production UHMW, rubber, and ABS plastic from the landfill by granulating the material for alternative inputs to our products and the creation of others.  The saw dust created from the core profiling process is donated to a local stable to be used as horse bedding.


Packaging and Delivery

All products made by us or our partners are shipped using post consumer recycled and recyclable, or repulpable materials. Skis are wrapped in 100% recyclable craft paper for protection and are packaged snugly in locally sourced custom shaped boxes primarily made from recycled material. They are taped with recyclable and repulpable craft tape and shipped carbon neutral via UPS at no additional consumer cost.


Our approach to Responsibility is multifaceted, as we're always looking for thoughtful ways to innovate responsibly. Stay tuned for more to come as we grow.